Death Knell for Polarity

10 min readFeb 24, 2017


What if we all step back a bit & just observe? Without allowing ourselves to be pulled into whatever drama we’re witnessing, what if we just center & watch — meanwhile also observing the self? What might be the result?

Isn’t it time we all begin to recognice* — to re-cognize — what’s going on, not just “out there” but also within — at the same time? What might we see? What might we realize/real-eyes? In other words, what if we witness ourselves being duped — again & again, endlessly? What if this (self) observing makes the control grid/structure come into ever greater clarity?

No doubt anyone reading this has at least some basic awareness that many & diverse control structures are in place, doing their best to direct humanity, both individually & as a whole. Everywhere we turn there are manipulators at work.

So we know this, which is a great step up & out of the Matrix — but just an initial step. What if the proverbial rabbit hole is endlessly deep — literally? What if there are no real limits at all — yet we don’t get to discover that unless we’re willing to take the necessary steps?


Sound familiar? Okay, I’ll continue. What if we’re all — each & every one of us — both telepathic & psychic, to some extent? What if we’re the only one standing in our own way? What if it’s all so ultimately simple that we’ve just been tricking the self? What if all the idiotic craziness currently manifesting pretty much wherever we look is just mind games, playing themselves out?

What if no one — no power either on the earth or within it, either in the skies or anywhere in all of Cosmos — is in charge of us? What if we are each well & truly in charge of the self — no one else’s “self,” mind you — just our very own self?

What if no one nor anything has power over that self — no one but us? Yes, basically, “what if we’re divine?” is one way to say that — but that is yet another construct. Hope you can see that.


What if we’re basically clueless about just who & what we truly are — about Who & What we truly are? What if that’s all part of some game we decided — on some level or aspect of our Being — to play? What if we’re here, friends, in the midst of this seeming chaos, because of our own choice? What then?

First, it would lead to cessation of blaming others for anything. Gotta admit, that sounds lovely, huh? No more blame game. But wait — that’s just externally, blaming society or the RepubliCrats or parents or finances, or fricking whatever the heck we’re accustomed to resent & resist. That’s just the Matrix, the play-out game thing — the externals of life.

So what if there really are no “externals?” What then? What if whatever we see, we experience, is not really “out there” at all? What if it all originates within? Where would that take us? Are you ready to take the trek — to explore the “without” by going within? I am, & it’s a heck of a great ride, my friends. I highly encourage anyone feeling froggy enough to go ahead & jump.


What we find is the complete dissolution of the whole victim consciousness. It’s instantly vaporized, dissolved as if it never existed. (Get used to that, BTW. So many things vanish in such a strange way, as if they simply never existed. Very cool ;)

What comes next? Suddenly we find ourselves taking full responsibility — for some, a huge shock. If we’re honest, we’ll admit we could all profit by standing up & owning our own experience of life — potentially, of Life.

What if life/Life, itself, is nothing like our ideas & beliefs about it? What then? Can you feel the cords, the ropes slipping away, falling off — even a bit? What if you could actually OWN your life, & feel really good about that?

Wouldn’t that be way cool? Heck, and what if it’s all good? Yup, literally ALL good? Hey, it’s a thought. It won’t bite you if you try it on for a while. Deeper down the rabbit hole we go, whee!


What if the true nature of Reality — not what we’ve been experiencing, which we could call reality, lower-case ‘r’ — is nothing like we think it is? What if there’s a “greater” reality = Reality — what then?

What if it’s accessible, & has always been there, but most of us just didn’t know? What if it takes that knowing — that willingness to trek down the rabbit hole a bit further than we’ve explored thus far? Hey, could be — and why not?

Are we having fun, yet? Have you dropped out of head, where abide all those ideas, strictures, & limiting belief systems — and into your heart-space — which I call Heart?

What if, simply by setting mind & its workings aside — just for a bit, mind you — you could experience more & more freedom & release? What if it’s mind that’s been keeping you “down” in the Matrix all along? What then? What if Heart is the exit valve — the release from the traps, the whole Matrix mess?

I suggest that’s the case, of course. No doubt you already guessed it. Still, it’s such a deep journey that the consequences of taking these steps can be pretty intense. You may even catch your mind wondering if you’ve gone crazy, now & again — it’s that deep.

Words don’t really work in this realm, BTW — so to the extent you’re still anchored in mind, you won’t be taking this trek. Sorry, but words don’t teach, as many have said — only direct experience does that.


There is no mental knowing, no philosophical meandering that will grant you such gifts. Sure, most of us start first with the idea(s), & that’s fine. It’s just that no one can give you your awakening, whether to this or to anything. It’s a do-it-yourself adventure, for sure.

No guru or shaman can tap you on the head or chant some magical words to break the Matrix spell. That’s strictly up to you. Sure, you may take that trek — some ‘special’ someone may do that chant or tap you, there. Yet if it has an effect, you did that — you allowed the experience in.

Nor can anyone do this for someone else. I don’t care how wide & majestic your spiritual experience, you can’t give it to your loved one. It just doesn’t work that way. This amounts to the ultimate respect for Free Will, BTW — I trust you can see that. Each one gets to choose — no forcing of anything upon anyone — period. Yeah, I know — Free Will both does & doesn’t exist — but that’s a bit farther down the rabbit hole than we’ve gotten, here, so we’ll visit it later. Or perhaps not ;) Heck, how do I know?

NOW vs now

Okay, assuming — which is dangerous — but assuming you’re still with me on this — where do we find ourselves? We accept at least the possibility that no one & nothing is in control of us, outside of our very own self/Self. We realize that we are then the only one in charge of our experience. Notice, I didn’t say of our life, but of our experience of it. There is a difference.

I don’t mean to say/imply that we can do any damn thing we please & manifest our every desire. That would be head at work, not Heart, so keep centering within. It’s a Heart journey, after all. What is your experience of your now moment — of your Now? How does it feel to you? Let’s call it Now when we break through into That. (It’s just “now” when mind is still running things.)


Words are such tricky buggers, aren’t they? We’re taught to say, “here and now,” right? What if it were “now and here?” Perhaps then we might discover that “now here” is also “nowhere.” OMG, what then? We’d be seeing a bit through the Matrix, then — that’s what.

For in a very real way, “nowhere” is precisely the other side of the “now here” coin. They’re one & the same, seen from different perspectives — that is, if you’re sufficiently distanced from mind, such that you can take these steps into Heart.

Curses and spells — cursive & spelling. Interesting, huh? Be aware that language is one massive, sometimes monstrous trap, friends. It’s a land-mined field, at minimum — very much a part of the control structure. Just helps to be aware, that’s all — nothing to fear.


Speaking of fear, I’ve found for myself that there are only two basic feelings: love & fear. It doesn’t matter what mind thinks it feels in the moment, it traces back to either love or fear. Check it out for yourself to see how amazing this is. No matter the emotion, underlying it is one of these — the two ultimate polarities of feeling. Then there’s light & dark, good & bad, demonic & divine — the list is endless, but the theme is consistent — Love & fear.

At this point it’s good to take a look at our own choices — what we’re feeling most often. Be it comfort or discomfort, under it all it’s either Love or fear. So if we didn’t previously realize it was all about choice — how we use our Free Will — what if we look at it like that, now? At least for a few moments we could try it on — this perspective that we get to choose — that it’s all up to us.

Okay, I agree — far easier said than accomplished. (See, you were waiting for “done,” right — just notice, that’s all. It shows mind intruding.) Yes, sometimes bodies hurt, sometimes feelings seem hurt — obviously. But what if literally all of that is the product of our very own chain of choices over our years? What if we could shift the direction, the momentum of it all? Well, what if?!


We can, of course. It takes determination & persistence — & it won’t work all the time in every instance — but it WILL work. Rather like changing the direction of a train on the tracks, it doesn’t go from 70 MPH South to 70 MPH North immediately — well, d’uh. But it CAN be changed.

It really helps to make allowances, though, for the reality that we must first slow down, then stop (be still), only then being able to move in the other direction. Additionally, we start out slowly, gaining speed only over time.

Too many fail before really giving it a fair chance — which is what we do when we demand instant results. This funky thing called time — which isn’t actually real, just something we experience — is well woven into the overall web. It won’t limit us forever, but at the start it proves kinder to the self to acknowledge that it is a part of our experience. As we make friends with that, we drop yet another layer of resistance — one step closer to freedom.


One of the ways we’re working hardest against the self is by being so hard on our self, & in so many ways. We judge the self more harshly most times than we judge others. It’s just how we’ve been taught & socialized to be. Yet that doesn’t stop us from choosing a different perspective.

Over time we can truly come into a whole new way of viewing time, itself. We can enter the no-time, perhaps even the no-space of higher consciousness. It abides right within — yes, within you. It’s not far away.

Polarities — it’s time to quit being sucked so far into them. If we’d all decide to back-off on the knee-jerk reactions to people, to things, we’d immediately gain a new sense of peace. It truly does take backing out of thought. How many are ready to venture there?


This “Heart” thing isn’t about religion or philosophy or any such. Nor is it about bodily organs or the aura or chakras or any of that. Go much deeper, my friends — where words will not go, will not work. Then you’re on the scent, you’re tracking your way out of the whole Matrix gizmo/game that’s held humanity hostage for ever so long.

Instead of limiting our experience of polarity to the whole good/bad, right/wrong, liberal/conservative sort of 3D thing, we could choose to go the Now/now, Reality/reality, Love/love route. This is making the move out of head & 3D, into Heart.

I admit, it’s what we find down the rabbit hole — not something you’ll find many willing or able to discuss with you. It’s unknown territory for the sleeple, the sheeple living in the Matrix. But, so what? It’s a great adventure I highly recommend.

Just to clarify, I use initial capitals to point in a deeper direction. So “Reality” indicates a position in Heart, whereas “reality” is perception from mind — our typical stance. Any word with an initial cap indicates Heart perception/perspective.

Thus, “Now” bears no resemblance, experientially, to “now.” “Love” is divine, whereas “love” is the best 3D reflection of that — yet one can’t hold a candle to the other. The lower-case versions are available via the body-mind, but not the upper-case ones, which are only accessible via direct experience of Heart and awakening.

3D polarities — ditch ’em. Just begin to lighten up, to let go — to just obseerve (lovely ‘typo’) your thoughts, your feelings, as things happen around you. As you listen to this one or that one, watch yourself every bit as much as you watch whoeverwhatever it is.

Go into Observer mode — out of head, into Heart. It’s a very useful, even wonderful thing. The whole character, the flavor of your life’s experience will start to morph, not just right in front of you, but more importantly — within.


  • “Recognice” was obviously meant — by mind — to be “recognize.” I leave seeming misspellings in place at times when they offer their own message. Clearly, being “nice” is quite woven in to this whole journal — so make of it what you will. ;-)

8:51 pm, Monday 2017/02/13, Mayan day 11 Men/Eagle — Intermediary between heaven & earth

PS Interesting, that this journal came through on the Mayan Calendar day for Eagles, whose suggestion is “Ascend to a larger perspective.”




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