Continuing Search for Meaning

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

It’s funny, how people don’t want to give-up their search for meaning — for purpose, for their “mission” in life. Not yet seeing this as mind, strictly mind at work, they soldier on, just knowing there has to be some meaning, somewhere. If they seek long enough, are determined enough, they simply must find it. Not really.

Or rather, we don’t find what we think we’re seeking — we find something else, entirely…eventually.

Long-tailed duck — wikimedia

What if we’re just keeping ourselves small — limiting the identity to 3D? What if we’re much more than that? Well, what if?! Are you ready to expand out into your broader, wider identity — your multidimensional one? It’s there for you, & the beauty of that is that you are already there, on those other dimensions. You’re just expanding out further into you. What a hoot, huh? 😆


We’ve been stuffed & crammed into mind practically since birth. We’re not shown what things actually are, just filled with labels for them — stuffed with words, the currency of thought, of mind. When we give a child a word, a label “bird,” we erase the essential nature of the creature at which we point, the LIFE there.

Mandarin duck pair —

The creature’s bird-ness is subsumed into “bird,” including all of those graceful flying beings we now call “bird.” We believe we’re teaching the child something useful — & we are, but only as a convenience for language, mind-to-mind stuff.

When we say “duck” we just lumped together a very divergent group of unique beings. As a result, we seldom make real contact with any one of them. Do you see, do you sense what is meant, here?

We train our children away from Nature right from the get-go.

Pair of wood ducks — wikimedia

Words are but symbols on the map — nothing real in themselves. If you find yourself believing what they say, know you’re in mind, likely stuck in The Matrix of unreality, which pretends to the throne of the Real. All hope is not lost, however, for words can arise from a much deeper “place,” one I call “Heart,” in full recognition that it. too, just a word.


The meaning rides deeper, so much deeper, friends. Words flowing from or through Heart are pregnant with that, but only receivable by the one who is also in Heart. This is the spot from which inner Knowing can arise, this deep inner space. It’s all a mystery to mind, but not to us. The day that humanity is willing to admit they have a mind, but they are not that, is a day to rejoice.

Misunderstandings will fly out the window on that day.

White duck — wikimedia

One day it will be clear & apparent that we are not limited to thought, to the realm of mind. We know this when we’re in Heart, sensing the infinite vastness of That. Mind is not bad, is not evil — even though we can look to it as the hidden cause of all warfare.

That displays the level of trust we place in our thoughts & beliefs — that we’re actually willing to arm ourselves & slaughter our fellows. What’s amiss, here, is our misplaced trust in the mind. While it’s a most useful tool, it’s not worthy of such trust — or of any trust, really.

Do you sometimes second-guess yourself?

Bufflehead duck — wikimedia

A great one for the readers among us is Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of us on the awakening trek. His Self-Reliance is an awesome essay for us all; deeply personal, deeply committed to his trek & to Truth.

What if you are the reincarnation of Emerson — or someone like that? Well, it could be, you know. Again, a simple openness is required, a willingness to sample new perspectives. Those who recognize this embodiment — this amgodiment (am-God-I-me-nt) as but one of many are a few steps ahead of the rest who still solidly identify with the current form.

Mandarin drake — wikimedia

We have far more in our DNA than just the current form’s ancestry. It’s in there, it’s ours, but that doesn’t mean much to us until we’re willing to explore — to own such possibilities. Until then, they remain as mere potentials, untapped, untouched. Don’t let mind hold you down that way. 😉

Do you sometimes doubt yourself?

Wood duck — wikimedia

That Inner Being, if you will, has been reaching out to you all of your life — just not heard, not recognized, to the precise extent you’ve been neatly tucked-away within mind. Your soul family — what some call ETs or EDs (extra-dimensionals) have been working with you, as well — mostly with your Higher Self, being unable to get through to anyone stuck within mind. You’re not alone, there — never, for one nanosecond.


Does that make you feel strange? If so, that’s only mind feeling strange — this is something with which the real You is well acquainted. No one wakes-up from The Matrix by staying with mind. It is both mind & body that are so easy for TPTW (The Powers That Were) to manipulate.

Ruddy duck — wikimedia

They’re experts at such chicanery, as most of us realize. There’s not one TV program that does not program us. They were up-front in naming them programs — they enjoy being jerks, or rather, acting like jerks, for even they can wake-up.


It may be helpful for some to begin separating out the various beings from their actions — never condemning or correcting any being, just their actions. Maria Montessori held this understanding, which is why I was glad to send my child to a Montessori school. Only the actions were scolded, never the child. It sounds subtle, but to the child, it is anything but. Their self-confidence isn’t destroyed under this teaching method.

It’s time to re-parent ourselves, to begin healing the scars we all carry from our various upbringings. They went deep, too deep to remain in conscious awareness for most of us, yet we can tell by our various actions, more so by our reactions to things. Sometimes it’s the scars speaking, not us.

Freckled duck — wikimedia

We’ve been so busy running from the pain that we’ve all but forgotten most of its sources.

Don’t believe what mind says.

Mallard pair — wikimedia

We’ve been long misguided onto roads it’s not in our best interest to travel. We didn’t know any better, so we trusted — we followed. It’s much of that from which we’re now awakening, realizing that it just doesn’t feel right, anymore — if it ever did. We’re reaching out, seeking other ways. Well, good!

Only let’s turn it around, & begin reaching in, finding our inner core.

It doesn’t take long, just being willing to sit with whatever arises, not trying to fix it, not running away, before we begin to see the fruit. To the very extent we’re willing to just be there for the self — to befriend it, if you will — the burdens begin to evaporate. Each one brings some sort of understanding, a lesson, if you will. It’s mission was to deliver that. Once it’s done, the burden is gone. Poof! Awesome stuff. 😃

Wood duck on the wing — wikimedia

That for which many of the Masters failed to prepare us was this aspect of the pain of awakening. We were after the bliss, the joy — not open to welcoming any pain. It seems, during the early phases, that awakening is very much a two-sided coin. With clear intent & steady determination, the pain lessens significantly as we stubbornly stick to our NowHere awareness. Yet, there’s no way of saying how long pain, in its intensity, will last.

It totally depends on we-know-not-what.

Australian wood duck — wikimedia

It’s not so much, “Go forth & conquer” as it is, “Go forth & be conquered,” to the extent you’re living in mind. Allow the conquering of mind, so that you can once again roam free & be Who you truly are. Take the reins back into your Heart hands, so you can reign, as the divine essence, the divine Being you really are.



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