Criminal Justice is AFTER the Fact

Coming Together for the Win

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me —

Criminals don’t care about laws. If they did, they wouldn’t be criminals.

It would be a simple matter to do a study on the gun-crime rates in cities with the toughest versus the weakest or even non-existent gun laws. Why is it that, in the midst of the uproar over red-flag laws or any laws that apply to our firearms, no such study is out there? Perhaps we should ask, “What is it they don’t want us to know?”

They didn’t want us to get together in Virginia, did they? Many worked long & hard to scare us away, to put us in fear over numerous, potentially nasty outcomes. Yet, what happened? We gathered in our many thousands, fully armed, quite peacefully. There was no violence, none!

Law-abiding people don’t kill other people. You’d think that’s a well, duh, but perhaps not since we keep trying to pass laws restricting those people, laws & regulations which have the effect of disarming the law-abiding ones. Does that make sense? Is that really what we’re trying to do?

If we’re really out to stop people from harm or death by criminals using guns, we’re going about it the wrong way. Red-flag laws disarm the law-abiding ones, castrating their ability to halt a criminal’s rampage.

Criminals laugh at our laws or just ignore them.

No, they don’t laugh so hard or so long once they’re caught & prosecuted, but when they get out they’re quite likely to commit the same crimes again. Perhaps our system isn’t working as well as it could because some of our ideas around the topic are mistaken.

While our gun laws have a moral basis — the desire to prevent or stop harm — we know we can’t legislate people’s behavior. We can threaten them with punishment for their misbehavior but there’s no way we can force morality on anyone.

There’s this awkward thing called free will in the way.

The Family of Humanity is growing up as we’re awakening to the depths & dregs of our current situation. By vesting far too much trust in those we put in positions of authority, we’ve allowed the takeover of our society, top to bottom. Yeah, we were asleep & for a long time.

Part of the reason things are in such nasty shape is because we neglected to follow the money, to look into who & what was behind both making & enforcing (or not enforcing) our laws. We were too naive. Things were structured behind the scenes to favor the lawless, the cabal but on the surface, they looked fine. We just didn’t know.

Enter stage right, The Great Awakening. Perhaps the current mess is ideally suited to wake us up to what’s long been going on, who knows? The fact is that it just is what it is & we’re not going anywhere until we accept that. This is what we have to deal with & there’s no running away. Ignoring it will just perpetuate the mess.

Clearly, our current criminal justice system isn’t working as well as we’d like. We can’t blame the criminals for that. It’s on us to improve & fix our own system. Until we have equal enforcement of all laws IT’S NOT JUSTICE. When one group is unfairly targeted & punished or limited, it’s not justice.

Today, it’s the Conservatives, tomorrow, it may be the Liberals or Socialist Democrats.

It’s in the best interest of ALL of us to have a fair & transparent justice system. What we have now is criminals & crony capitalism buddied up with a just-us “justice” system. You can’t remove the blindfold from Lady Justice & be fair. We are so far from real justice these days that it’s frankly shocking & money is very much involved.

For instance, who is funding various candidates for office or the passage of various laws, & why? It’s time to pay attention to this.

We don’t need new laws, we need to fix the system already in place. New laws just bog it down, making it harder for the people to know all the laws & harder for an already burdened legal system to enforce them with fairness & justice.

Then, too, the Federal aspect of Government was supposed to be both a coordinating factor for the States & a necessary mechanism to respond to an external attack. It was not designed to be the ruler of us all. We seem to have forgotten that all true power in the United States is vested in we, the people who now commonly cower before the Feds & their laws. What the heck?

Our current President has a great vision for our nation, for giving the power back to the people. He may not be perfect, but then who is? He is at least real & down-to-earth, unlike your regular slick politician who says one thing but does another.

Lady Justice

We do our nation an injustice if we can’t get together for the good of America & work with & in support of this man. Many of us, Democrat, Independent, & Republican, are doing just that. We could use a bit of a blindfold, ourselves, to quit focusing on our differences & come back together for the win.

Like it or not, we’re all in this, together. Let’s act like it & put the nastiness aside. So much is at stake & we’ve got what it takes!



10:10 a.m., Saturday, 2020/02/29

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness