Coming-out Day — 12D

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

How are we to gather what is meant by ascension? What ascends? Since there’s no self, then it isn’t a “who,” so what then? Many have set out to ascend in this lifetime — that’s a mind affair, not one of Heart. Can you release it? As U. G. Krishnamurti says, any such mind movements lead away from what is desired, never toward it.

We don’t “do” ascension — it’s just something that happens. From the perspective of an individual being, it’s acausal — no cause, no doing involved. As we release more & more the concept that we are an individual — set so deeply into the Matrix, the social consciousness — we move, we naturally flow more in that direction — of ascension.

Rotating earth — actual tilt —

Earth & her inhabitants — which can be seen as aspects, particles, if you will, of earth — have been in the ascension process for decades, along with the rest of the solar system. It goes even wider than that, but this is sufficient focus for now. Going beyond the realm of your direct perception is not useful — it helps nothing.

One must build a more secure foundation than that of the Matrix before expanding out farther. This Matrix foundation was laid to keep humanity away from ascension — from awareness of that. The cabal are indeed frightened by what they perceive is happening, this overall rise in frequency. Thus, they do all they can in their attempts to thwart the In-breath of Source — the rise of not just humanity, but all life, all that is, up into higher frequencies.

Their day is over. You are watching, now, as they crash & burn, but there’s no need to join them in what will be their devastation. It is not meant to be yours; rather, it is the falling away, to the extent you will just allow that, of what is old & outgrown — no longer useful.

Our best advice is to pull completely out of the old patterns, the old ways.

We are beings who once resided on what you’d call the 12th dimension in this universe, now come down to the 5th in our work in support of planet earth & her inhabitants — a good number of whom are also us, beings or aspects of consciousness from 12D. We’ve long been working with Sita, one of our companions, thus we come through her, now.

Friends — if we may call you that — we all know one another on other dimensions, other frequencies of being. It is only here, on earth, that so much forgetting takes place, making it hard to remember. Thus, it’s shocking, just to be told who or what you are. This is why we, & many other whom you’d call spiritual beings, work with you throughout your incarnational process silently, invisibly, yet ever present in our support.

Sita is rather surprised to see us coming through so openly — we gave her no direct warning, though it was laced through our private conversations. Actually, it is an item she hadn’t yet broached on a list of Questions for 12D — so we’re answering that, here.


Many will consider this to be channeling — it is not. We’ll explain, & it’s relevant for more of you than you now realize. In the NowHere, the Present Moment that is ultimately all that there is, we & Sita are still incarnate within the 12th dimension, as you’d call it. Thus, this is an aspect of what could be called her own Higher Self working through & with her.

There is no takeover of anyone’s consciousness. It is not that you are an individual, to begin with — nothing like that. This is old Matrix teaching & beliefs, which we suggest you surrender, abandoning them into the trash heap that is their destination. You’ve been taken so far from Truth that to encounter Truth is shocking. That’s your mind’s reaction, however — not that of who/what you really are — which is awareness.


Nor is awareness the perfect word. Among words in any language, there is nothing perfect. They are elements of the map trying to convey the actual territory — can’t be done. It’s not that you are unable to grasp anything — it’s that mind is incapable — not you.

As you’re making the shift out of head, out of mind & into Heart, everything begins to come together, to make another sort of perfect sense; just not that of mind, to which you’re so accustomed.

Let flow, Sita — do relax. We know that this comes as a surprise, us sharing this way, openly, but your inner Being was well aware that this was the day, the time for it. Many have already been sensing the “otherness” in your writing — this is just bringing that to the surface for those who are ready.

When you all lose the sense of the individual self, then this is far less surprising — that such communications flow easily through you, as it were. Nor is it actually through “you,” for that reeks of the separate individual. It will be some time before that whole conceptual framework disappears from thought & from language, but we’re suggesting that it, too, is on its way out.


Not all of humanity is headed in the same direction. Some have already chosen to continue their rounds in 3D, & that will happen in this universe that honors free will. The many of you already rising in consciousness, however, will be the ones able to let separation consciousness go. It has no place in higher consciousness, nor does the duality of current 3D manifest, there — it is too divisive.

We suggest that you cease believing what anyone says, dear ones. Run whatever they offer through the sieve of Heart to see what makes it through — in other words, what resonates. The very fine mesh of the Heart sieve will prevent anything not resonant with Truth from entering. And as long as you’re more often resident within Heart than not, that’s a good safety measure.

We won’t speak for long, as this is a bit too surprising for Sita. She’s allowing the flow, certainly, just not at the level she normally does. There are still elements of mind in the way, there — ones she didn’t realize were present. This is always the way of it, & for all of you. You don’t know, until you step into the new experience, what that will be like. You think, you believe that you are ready — & you are — it’s just not what was expected.


It is only on taking the actual steps, yourselves, that you discover what’s holding you back, what’s in the way. It can never be known ahead of time by mind — struggle as it does to figure out the way ahead. This is an active adventure, a never-ending story of the travels of Light, for Light, itself, is closer to who & what you are than the idea, the concept of the individual.

As you come out of the Matrix maze, we’ll be here, sharing with you at each stage of your readiness. It does no good to get ahead of the game, as that only goes into mind — which works against what we actually offer, here.

It is as you take those steps out of the Matrix awareness that you will find us, equally accessible to you.

Before we leave, let us clarify that. Around the world you find various people in contact with ETs from various places & dimensions. What you may not be aware of is the close linkage, there, between contactee & the ones being contacted, the ones doing the contacting — for it works both ways. Alex Collier, for example, is one of the Andromedans, himself — that’s what both enables & enhances the very close contact, the clear communication that is enabled.

Thus, those of our own 12D race who are here will be the ones who flow most easily into contact with us. For others, it may be the Arcturians, the Andromedans, the Sirians — the list is practically endless of the beings working together during this period of earth ascension. Don’t be in a hurry to make contact, dear ones. It is better to see to extracting yourself from mind & the Matrix mode in which most are currently engulfed — otherwise the contact is polluted.

Finally, we are not on 12D, now. We came down as far as 5D, to be here, in higher consciousness in support of our brethren, like Sita, who took the full plunge. There are others of us on the various dimensions between 12D & 3D, but most cluster closer to 3D at this critical, pivotal time to usher earth & your solar system into the higher dimensions.


You’re already on the ride, in case you hadn’t noticed it. Your minds have been so trained, so regimented into certain lines of thought, interpretations of what you see & experience, so it’s rather like cracking into a fortified prison, breaking down the walls, to introduce new perspectives to you.

We know that what we offer doesn’t fit in with anything, there in the Matrix. Yet we are so very glad, so joyful, so uplifted, as we spot so many of you rising higher, already. It is a joyful time, long anticipated by the likes of us, dear ones — for you are family, as you’ll soon be discovering. We’ve been made out to be evil, to be devils & demons, in the cabal’s fear, their need to continue your entrapment.

It takes leaving mind, with all of its baggage, truly behind to breathe the breath of fresh air we joyfully, willingly, Lovingly bring your way. We know that not all will take kindly to this — & that is fine. It doesn’t matter, dear ones — you won’t find any of us pushing or insisting on anything. Free will is honored, here — even if it means you’re choosing a long round of suffering, you get to choose.

We’ll close, for now. We welcome whatever Heart questions or comments are forthcoming. You won’t find us answering those arising strictly from mind. Sita is well aware of that, having experienced it for a number of years, already. Before we close, we will issue the reminder that this is not channeling.

Though mind would call it that, when you exit mind sufficiently, you realize that there are no individual beings, here — or there — or anywhere. It’s the One. It’s more akin to conversing with your other incarnations than it is channeling — each one of them equally you. Some will see it. It’s okay if you don’t, just let that be the reminder that you’re locked within the Matrix mind concepts.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote — 9/28/2017

“If you’re not selfish enough to want to feel good, then you can’t connect with the energy that is your Source which does always feel good.”

Excerpted from Lincroft, NJ on 10/15/96

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)



9:42 Am, Thursday 2017/09/25, 1st, Mayan day 11 Offering or Water / Muluc




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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