Clocks, Calendars, & Craziness

8 min readSep 19, 2017
“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

Calendars are amazing things. We’re so sucked-into them, we seldom think about them — step back to observe them. Step outside — do you think our earth cares, or even knows, whether it’s Tuesday or Thursday? What difference does the calendar make to anything that’s real?

Did you know that our year used to comprise 360 days, for instance — or that the days were named in honor of the gods? Wednesday was Woden’s day, Saturday was Saturn’s day, Monday, Moon day… What relevance do these things have, today — to us?

As we step back even further, & just look at the calendar’s effects on humanity, it’s quite surprising — even shocking, when you step back far enough. Until you take the clocks & calendars off of the walls & the bedside table, set the wristwatch aside, & let yourself go free from attachment to these things, stepping back this far won’t come easily.[1]


These things act as control mechanisms, don’t they? We tend to dread Monday & look forward to Friday — Frigga’s day — believing these things really mean something — are important — but in what way(s)? Can we see them for the construct, the mental overlay that they actually are?

What is time? Mind likes to think that it knows, but what it knows is only the construct. The world has various calendar systems which are quite different, so here my focus is on the Gregorian Calendar, but they all influence us. Some of the others are better, having quite a different basis & a different effect on humanity.

Yes, our calendar is tied to the seasons, the motion of the planet around our sun, so there’s that — yet we don’t require it to witness the seasons, so clearly apparent in their passing. What is this calendar doing to humanity? Can you see how it’s being used to regiment us in endless ways?


Via the clock & calendar, we’ve lost a deeper connection with Life — the earth & the seasons. Instead of witnessing them, experiencing them directly, we stick with the map, the construct — the calendar. It cuts us off from something special, something precious — a deeper connection with Nature. And that’s only the start.

Money is yet another control system, as I hope you can see. We care more about dollars, rubles, & yen that we do about the days of the week, the months of the year. Calendar & currency are two of the biggest mind-f*cks around, both instituted by the ruling cabal.

Contactee Alex Collier’s Andromedan friends are simply amazed that we don’t see through this, telling him that we’re one of very few civilizations still using money. Their question to him was, “Why should you have to pay to live on the planet of your birth?” As a tax accountant at the time, it really stopped him in his tracks. Apparently we’re a rarity, “out there.” I can think of many things for which I’d rather have us be known.


On the trek of moving from Thinker to Observer, such things come to light — they’re not likely to, otherwise. Thinker mode is all about the maps, whereas Observer mode begins to move us into the actual territory they overlay, they represent. It’s an awesome journey, for sure.

The tendency of many who shift from the mundane to the spiritual trek is to go off into some sort of la-la land — more seeking an escape that directly approaching the available depths. We come to it already knowing what doesn’t work — seeking something that does, something that feels better. There are so many traps, detours, & pitfalls along the way, & to the extent we remain in Thinker mode, they’re just not obvious.


We eventually realize that it’s all okay — that whatever detours we made helped us in some important way. Yet, there’s that in us which would prefer the more direct route — of course — & that’s always available.

As we grow to embrace the NowHere, valuing whatever experiences we have, we make peace with that — realizing we often actually required that trap or detour, as we see what was gained, thereby.

Most of us are simply chasing peace — an internal contentment we eventually recognize we don’t have. Yet we do — it’s just found deeper, within. We’re generally seeking it, externally — out there in the world, in relationships, in a blossoming bank account. At some point most recognize that it’s not to be found, there.

Just look at the richest among us — do you see or feel any real contentment, there?


While on the external trek, stuck in Thinker mode, enough is never enough. We always want more. Not even billionaires are exempt from this, friends — as I hope you can see. This can be a wake-up call, once we recognize it, helping us shift away from chasing the “almighty dollar.” Almighty, my rear!

All of this is but evidence of our programming — our acceptance of the current BS Belief Systems humanity has adopted. They don’t serve us well, that much becomes clear, acting more to our detriment than to our advantage. This also rests heavily on who we believe we are — which, for most, is the body, the mind.

Yet, we’re so much more!


Everything gets down to what perspective we take on it — have you noticed? Sure, there are the widely accepted ones — based on the beliefs — but in the realm of infinity/eternity in which our inner Being abides, OMG, there is so much more available.

In Observer mode, our perspective begins to become more flexible, enabling us to view things from different vantage points.

Some will say, “Well, the calendar keeps us in touch with something quite real — the movements of our solar system.” Let’s look at that, just as a for-instance. How long would your “day” be if you lived on Venus — or on Jupiter — or on Vesta? What the heck is a “day?” How long is your “year” upon Pluto? What is a “month,” there? Do we really want our focus to be so narrow? How does that support Who we truly are, as Beings, as souls — as Source-in-form?


Andromeda Galaxy —

When Alex visited the A’s on their 5D ship, he had trouble with this. Their “day” amounts to an earth “month.” He had to “nap” a lot, from their perspective. They even wondered if he might be ill, at times, needing so much sleep, which was strange to them.

They also had trouble translating their sense of time into earth-human terms. As near as they could figure, their lifetimes amounted to about 2,000 to 4,000 earth “years.” It’s a lot for an earth-human to take in — a lot for them, too, trying to see it “our way.” Then too, their “year” equaled the time required to regenerate all cells in their bodies — about 7 of our “years,” if memory serves.


This thing we call time — that we think we know so much about — is quite relative, yes? Yet, we won’t see that until we loosen the tight grip mind has on our perceptions — by stepping into Observer mode, for instance.

Not that this is any sort of be-all or end-all — just a step along the way, yet a major one. Observer mode falls away, too, at some point, once we find our way even deeper, within. I like to call that Heart, the portal of entry, there, into our core Being, where the “observation” takes on a hugely different quality.

Why am I sharing this? Heck, I don’t know — it’s just arising. Yet, it’s relevant for the time we’re in, this Great Awakening. So much will come to light in the next few years, that it will be good if we’ve made a few steps into expansion, first — making the shocking revelations that much easier to absorb as they arrive.

We’re coming out from under, folks — both exiting The Matrix & it’s seemingly endless overlays, its programming that’s kept us down for ever so long. We’re waking-up, which of course, is cause for celebration — but it’s certainly not all light, joy, & frivolity. There are some hard knocks, just up ahead. Let’s do what we can — following our own inner guidance — to make ready for that.

Those knocks are quite relative, as well. It’s only those remaining stubbornly trapped both in Thinker mode — which is quite vulnerable — & The Matrix, that will really have a hard time of it. Those already awakening will have another experience, entirely. Is that you? No one can be totally prepared for what’s up ahead, but again, it’s all relative.

There’s actually quite a lot we can “do”


It will seem like we’re doing it, too, yet even that fades away, at some point, when we touch-down, within, finding Heart. There’s no Thinker or Observer, there — there’s just Being — there’s just Is. There’s no way mind can grok this stuff, so I don’t advise trying. It will come on its own, as you’re ready — as you find your way ever more into allowing. Mind isn’t the right tool for this job 😉

We learn to recognize the deep beauty in all that surrounds us, via the awesome divinity accessible, within. It’s on recognizing that that we’re able to just let go — to let things be as they are — from a stance of deep appreciation. We cease fighting Life, fighting ourselves, & fighting others, as well — seeing all of that for the pure nonsense that it is.

All I can close with, here, is that Thinker mode won’t get you where you’re ultimately going. Trying to understand this with mind is a losing battle — since it’s letting mind go — exiting Thinker mode — that opens the doors to the broader vista — the one that’s been there, all along ✨

A Beautiful View of Messier 101 —

[1] Yes, I’m retired, older, so I can do these things — take the clocks & calendars down far more easily than those currently employed. Not sure that these understandings would have come, back in the day, for me, either ❔


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