Clarity midst Chaos — Crows are not Larks

11 min readFeb 21, 2017

The long dry spell of no journals, no sharing is finally ending. I’m so glad. It’s been strange — so strange that I honestly no longer feel like the same one who was writing, was recording videos, before. It’s as if I’ve lived several lifetimes between then & now. Clearly, it’s been an intense time of change, not just for me, but for America & the world.

Rather than focus on the external changes, the seeming craziness everywhere, I choose to go within & just be — to see what arises, to share from there. If we’re really the creators of our own reality, then what does that say — what does that mean? What can we gain by taking this perspective? Let’s find out.

If we choose to take the reins of the only thing in our control — which is self — what then? Rather than seeking to change what’s (seemingly) outside of us, why not recognize that change begins within?

Our true seat of power is within — what I call Heart, which is neither the organ nor the chakra. Of the many things upside-down in the world, this one may be the most basic: thinking we can change things by fighting/resisting them — or one another.


“Resistance is futile” — famous words. Yet it seems half the world has gone resistance-mad, believing that salvation somehow lies in destroying, in overpowering systems & people with whom they disagree. Loving only those who are in line with their beliefs while seeking to silence the “disagreeable” ones is so very bizarre. Rioting & practicing hate while preaching love & tolerance is just nuts, but clearly many don’t see it like that, yet. There just has to be a better way, don’t ya think? I do.

Nor am I here to preach to anyone, to change anyone’s views. Rather I seek to shine a light by sharing another perspective. Divide-&-conquer is such an ancient strategy. I hate to see it being so successfully used on us, the family of humanity. We’re awesomely beautiful beings, at heart — each & every one of us. Aside from the paid protesters & provocateurs, it’s clear so many are truly doing what they believe is right, is the best thing — the best way to bring the desired change.

So, let’s cut one another yards of slack. It’s time to stop the ad hominem* stuff, & get back to core values & principles. Too many, when asked what they’re personally protesting, don’t have a cogent answer — that is, beyond repetition of stock phrases, anger, & disdain for their self-styled opponents.

When we look deeper, can’t we see how we’re just frustrated, worried about how things seem to be going? It’s not about how they’re truly going, or protests wouldn’t have been in full swing prior to the President’s inauguration — clearly, not even giving him a chance — just as an example.

“A nation divided against itself cannot stand” — other famous words that ring true. America is not thrown away simply because of a change in course, yet many act as if all is lost — again, without giving the new course the opportunity to fail or succeed on its own merits.


Many don’t seem to realize that they’re not just condemning the new administration, but the masses of citizens who voted it in. We’ve slipped into identity politics, fighting people instead of sticking to the real meat of it, the underlying principles & values.

Let’s not get lost in fear & loathing, my friends — & that goes for all sides in all matters. No one is lily white in this mess — perhaps we can all agree on at least that — & lighten up a good bit. Come on — wouldn’t that be great?

So many of us are taking ourselves, the politics, & one another far too seriously. We’re putting our whole country/world at risk, seeking to do what is “right” while being closed to civil discourse — to simple honest discussion.

Where is this leading us? Does anyone see a good outcome if things continue on this track? Shall we open ourselves to external attack while we’re busily attacking ourselves? There are those — not the sincere ones among us — who are & have been agitating for war, seemingly forever. They make profit that way. Shall we fall into their traps? Can we not spot the agitators, the provocateurs among us?


My heart cries out to all true Americans, those who truly care for our great country, everywhere. Can we not admit that the city folk & the country folk — to over-simplify things — have somehow grown apart? Surely we don’t have to tear the whole country down rather than choosing calm & rational discourse. I know we’re bigger, we’re better than this, folks. Let’s stop being so easily led (& misled).

When we’re quiet & reasonable, we all know we win at the ballot box — not in violent, destructive rioting that harms our fellow Americans & the businesses & property of our neighbors. It’s in everyone’s best interest to agree that it’s fine to disagree.

No one wants a garden with only roses or a forest of birds singing only one song. It’s unreasonable to expect to beat your fellow humans into agreeing with your ideas. Since when has that worked?! Can you force the crow to sing the song of the lark?


Can we spell hipocrasy? There, I just proved I can’t seem to do it, so you can bet I’m also looking within, not just talking about it. I’m truly open to reasonable discourse, as are ever so many of us. We can’t expect to get along with the world if we’re falling apart, as we’ve clearly been, lately. Perhaps we can all take a chill pill & remember that this is America — & remember what she represents.

I truly don’t care what side of anything you choose for yourself. I won’t push my politics on you, but I’ll ask for the same — don’t seek to force your politics or beliefs on me. Again, it’s the ballot box where we work these things out — or it was until 2016.

Let’s not allow our few short centuries of a beautiful history be so quickly discarded, okay? Everyone has the right to speak without being attacked, mocked, & shouted down. Free speech means nothing when only one group is free to speak.


Some have no doubt already left off reading, but to those who remain, I again suggest that our only source of power lies within. Our ability to bring change begins & ends with the self/Self, so let’s walk our talk & find our way in. The tens of millions of dollars (or more) being invested to foment civil unrest (& even civil war) are as nothing, next to our power as Source-in-form.

Jeez — I had no intention of writing any of that. Truly, these journals just write themselves, as if I’m along for the ride — well, more or less, since there’s really no “I” when you go to find it. So strange, that we’re really & truly all One — not just on this planet, but with All That Is — all of Cosmos & beyond. The individual is a temporary myth — one we believe in until we step outside of the body, be it via death or NDE (Near-Death Experience), or even OBE (Out-of-Body Experience) — or awakening.

So, back to the calm within the storm — going within. In the midst of all the chaos few things are clear, but the power of the One is over-riding. It doesn’t take a miracle worker to bring change. The “least” among us has access to the same power, & no one is better than anyone else. Heart knows this, though 3D mind never will.


This would really be a good time for mind to exit, stage left, LOL. Serenity is readily available, but not via thought. America is about as polarized as she’s ever been, short of the Civil War — which was not fought to free the slaves, by the way.

The current history books — along with the bulk of other textbooks — are full of lies & deceptions, along with a few solid facts. Pretty much everything in our current society is upside-down & backwards - far from truth.

Let’s not waste time or thought just now on trying to discover where we “went wrong,” as it would be a waste of time in the current crazy atmosphere. People will just choose to disagree, what with the mood of the country.

Again, the route to sanity lies within. We don’t need to agree on the externals for now. Absent calm reason & the ability to clearly state our case — whatever it is — there’s no point in trying to get rioters to listen to anything. Waste of time.

On the one hand, yes, it’s a sad time for America. Regardless of political, economic, or societal position, the use of bullying, blocking traffic, & general mayhem is no way to resolve anything. Though hypocrisy is running rampant, many simply don’t see that — yet.

We can all see sincere people so caught-up in both emotion & the belief that their way is the only “right” way. This leaves them blind to the ridiculousness of many of their stances — & much of their behavior. So let’s cut them some slack — again, only those not paid to protest & cause chaos. They are another matter, entirely.


Yes, our education system has failed us — but so have most of the other pillars of our society, so let’s not be too eager to place blame here or there. This is actually a plea to step out of judgment, out of blaming & taking sides in anything. As we fall back to center, to being grounded in Heart, we shall surely find our way both safely & successfully out of the mire that threatens to take us down some very dark roads.

Let’s remember that we’re actually eternal — we never die. Bodies do that, not the soul, the being we actually are — not the Being in which/whom we all participate. Our true nature is Source, albeit Source-in-form. Our true nature is divine.

As a country, we may have temporarily lost our way. As a Being, as the One, we could never do that. We literally contain All That Is, barring nothing. Yep, we are all that. Kinda funny, when we look at the world stage, huh?

In addition to the failure of education — the federal kind we’ve had in this century — we’ve also allowed ourselves to be distant, country versus city folk. We grew apart, without realizing it. It took the recent election to put that “in our face.” Well, okay, so now we realize the great divide — so what next? It’s patently obvious to most of us that rioting & general misconduct is leading us nowhere we want to go, anywhere in the world.


One lesson the country folk can take from this is not to be so quiet, so agreeable when things don’t go your way. It appears that our willingness to put up with administrations with whom we had grave differences made us into the silent majority. Yet we didn’t know just how vast that divide had grown.

Well, we do now, so let’s be far more alert to this, & more willing to speak up clearly — to make our voices heard going forward. Let’s get back to government of, by, & for the people — not the corporatocracy, the bureaucrats — the cabal. Let’s not let ourselves by overrun by the activists, the agitators, either.

In my reality, there is only good, better, & best — or awesomely fantastic! No matter what happens, it’s good, at a minimum. From that perspective there are great lessons, here, great strengths we can take away, on which we can build.

Let’s pay attention, & not be so detached from politics & government that we’re willing to let others do it, & not play our part. We’ve all let government get way out of hand, beyond our control. I’d call that a pretty important lesson to start.

I’m not much into such lessons, though. This whole mess is really driving me to center — to find peace midst the fray. It’s actually nudging me along spiritually, believe it or not. It seems that, as a country, we’ve truly lost our balance. People are triggered just seeing a political message on a ball cap. Who’d a thunk it, huh? It’s insane.


No, we’re not going to hell in a hand basket. We’ve actually already won, when it comes to identifying & beginning to take out the truly bad guys in our midst. Perhaps you can join me in recognizing the abject terror of a cornered beast?

Okay, I admit, he hasn’t been captured nor fully taken down yet — but the signs of his demise are visible. For example, the Pedogate take-down is occurring, worldwide — something to truly celebrate & keep in our prayers, those who are the praying kind.


There is a true, a deep spiritual movement taking place. Can you feel it, can you sense it? Many of us can. All of these attempts to polarize us, to get us into fighting each other are doomed to fail — if & as enough of us open our inner vision — eyes of Heart.

Seen from there, it’s much ado about nothing. Nothing new here — one side won, one side lost, but come on — it’s only four years. It’s truly not the end of the free world, as some seem to believe.

Peace only comes from within. No one can give it to us, anymore than they can take it from us. We’ve got to allow that before it can happen — & it just isn’t necessary. There are great, albeit quiet examples of beautiful souls all around us. It takes turning off the TV, the videos, & putting down all communication devices, electronics, & exiting the Smart grid, at least now & then.


In today’s society, we’re manipulated everywhere we turn. It’s inescapable. Yet nothing can take our free will away. We’re in charge of just where & on what we place our attention — what we choose to support. We get to choose, folks, & that’s awesome. Well, it’s an awesome possibility, a great opportunity, but we’ve got to make that choice — take responsibility — not just go with society’s flow .

The good, the great choices are all around us. They’re seldom highlighted or even mentioned by the major media, but they still exist — just as they always have. It’s up to us, where we choose to place our attention.

Each night, before I retire, I play one of Fox 5’s Surprise Squad videos — two to five minutes of enjoying wonderful people working together to do simply wonderful things for regular folks. There are so many things to celebrate, but they can get lost if our focus is on everything else.

Now, I admit that I’m shocked by what I’ve written. I’ve never had a journal go off on such things. Guess the craziness is getting to me — or maybe not. Maybe it’s best if I continue to trust in the flow that comes forward. Who am “I” to know what’s best, after all? That would only be mind editing the flow from Heart — not a choice I care to make.

Somehow this crazy world has distracted us from the reality of Who we truly are. Perhaps let the craziness drive you within, too. It’s quite wonderful, inside — have a look ;)


  • Ad hominem — (of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining. [From the Oxford English Dictionary] [Emphasis mine.]

4:22 am, Tuesday 2017/02/14, Mayan day 12 Cib/Wisdom




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