Chasing the One-sided Coin

“These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Spiritual Awakening,

The Matrix has us chasing one-sided coins, thinking we need to be right, to be good, or wealthy, happy, or whatever it is. Most are unwittingly lost in a game of polarities, rejecting one side while pursuing the other one. What gives?

That’s a good way to remain wedded to duality while being manipulated by the nasty cabal.

For those who will step back for a broader look, they’ll soon see that behavior doesn’t even make (Heart) sense. We’re in pursuit of the impossible only- this/not-that outcome which doesn’t exist in the underlying wholeness. We all contain both dark & Light, a la the yin-yang. ☯️

We’re on a fool’s errand to separate out the Light from the dark; it doesn’t work that way. We forgot (& were not taught) that darkness is no thing in itself, but rather the absence of light. Turn on a light to prove the point. Be the Light that banishes darkness.

Point to anyone living in any age as either all Light or all dark — it just isn’t so, in spite of whatever display that one puts on. Nor is any age one of all Light or total darkness, in spite of the names we may give them. It’s like asking the battery to deliver its charge while accessing only one pole, the negative or the positive; it takes both!

Well, d’uh may be your response, since from Heart perspective this is so clear, yet the mind-in-the-Matrix has other beliefs which convince us such things can be accomplished. Poor mind, only able to know about things, never merging with the things in themselves to really Know.

That’s the region, the realm of Heart, drastically different from that of the mind. I’m open; it may be similar in some ways, but I’m not yet aware of them. It’s unlikely, for no mind can enter Heart, nor does it need to; Heart rolls in its own way.

Everything begins & ends with the self/Self.

We’ve been taught to seek those things we value in the external world, not recognizing the false premise there. We’re actually both creating & projecting that world. It all starts within; everything does. Among those now awakening, many are pointing this out, directing our focus within.

“Within” morphs with our shifting consciousness. When you begin with the biggest false premise of all — that you, as a separate entity, exist — you don’t find Truth. As the ego & pseudo-identity fade away, only then do we self-discover the All That Is within.

We’re not in competition, either; that is, unless it’s competition with the self. We’re all unique aspects of the One, seemingly separate in the outer realms, but never abandoning our internal union, just forgetting it for a time. It’s always there. This is a sample of the two-sided coin which unites & contains seeming opposites.

Setting us up for one-sided coin chasing is our low regard for the self/Self. Many don’t even have self-respect. Yet, many are convinced they can truly Love & honor their beloved one — mate, child, dear friend, pet or whomever — without first Loving the self/Self.

The fact is that we can’t give what we don’t have. Perhaps you’ve noticed? Such relationships tend to fracture at some point. That fracture is Heart speaking to one who isn’t listening, getting intense merely to attract their attention, to open the flow of communication. (The language is far more gentle when we’re hearing & not resisting.)

It’s all good, for that falling apart is a sign pointing to the missing link, perhaps self-love/Self-Love. We weren’t taught the language of Heart, so most of us don’t yet see or rightly interpret such things.

The mind-centric tend to point fingers of blame in whatever direction seems best.

One day we’ll have a great laugh at self’s expense. May that day come soon, rather than late. Just like the human body, Life, itself, is a self-righting mechanism. We’re unintentionally working against the self in so many ways, unseen, thus unaddressed.

Here’s a useful inner anchor delivered by Heart: “I trust Source to ride in on the wings of my alignment.”

As the awakening ones can attest, everything is actually quite simple. The seeming complexities are, one & all, inventions of someone’s mind. The combination of free will & the human mind creates the endless labyrinth while supplying the blinders that block a broader view — or any view that clashes with our beliefs.

We’re being taught, assisted to re-member what Heart knew all along. As we step up to the awakening plate, we learn to decipher, translate, & comprehend the teachings of the body & of Life, itself. We learn (recall) the truths we’re being shown, helping us move into alignment with our Inner Being, our Source-in-form reality.

Once dismembered, we re-member as we return to wholeness in/as the One.

Somewhere along the way we forgot that we’re not the one getting things done. That would be Source, & only to the extent we allow it. As we get it that to allow & align is our true work, things smooth themselves out. Thus does the Divine Dance (as “you,” as “me”) commence.

The mind develops its theories, but the wise one ignores them, as only Heart knows, & Heart Knowings don’t fit into neat little sayings or mantras. Yes, those can be useful, but only for a time. Science tends to forget we live in the realm of relativity, where the only true constant is change.

The other side of that coin is the more-than-rock-solid Knowing we encounter in Heart. These things beggar explanation, so we eventually cease trying to explain them to ourselves or anyone else. When Heart speaks up & we share it, those also in Heart get it; not the words, but the energetic transmission.

For those who don’t get it, no explanation will suffice.

It’s a waste of time that begins with one in Heart & one in mind, but ends with both wallowing about in the mind — where no answers abide. Each one has to prove this to the self, but we all get here soon enough. They get it or they don’t, & that’s not on us, nor is it a negative reflection on them.

It’s just what is; it’s just where they are for now, & we’re not in charge of that.

May we all determine to see & accept things as they are. Let’s not trust the mind to catalog or explain anything of worth or depth. Its realm is relativity. Mind & Heart could be as two wings on a bird, useful only when separate. What good does it do for one wing to try to merge with the other one? What would that do to the practical aspects of flight?

Heart is ever & always already there. It’s a matter of learning to get out of our own way & turn the reins over to Heart. It comes in its own time whenever we’re finally ready & willing to align with our Source-in-form Self.



Monday morning, 2018/08/06 — Mayan day 4 Jaguar / Ix

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness