Chasing Happiness, pt 2

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

Now that we’re more steady within our awareness of our Inner Being, in Who we truly are, we can get down deeper into the meat of this offering. If you’re in your head, it will be a rougher ride than necessary, so do pause & take a moment to center in your chest. It’s time to look more deeply into the way things are currently f***ed-up, as we take on more of the perspective of our Source.

Stand back from your lifetime, here, to take a broader look. Most of us either know or suspect that we’ve been here more than a few times, before — reincarnation, in other words. It takes identifying on deeper layers of our being, more with soul than with the current body-mind taking the trek. This isn’t optional, at this point, but is rather a key element worthy of pondering.

May I suggest that, if you haven’t yet taken significant steps to identify more with soul or spirit, less with the body-mind, that you cease reading, here? What’s coming forward will generate more disturbance than I desire to deliver to anyone, on the levels of both thought & emotion. So please consider yourselves forewarned. Love yourself!


For those more soul identified, the plot thickens. Slowly, we’re being made to realize how we literally had the fundamentals of earth life twisted & thoroughly misunderstood. We suspected this perhaps long ago, only now we have our direct inner experiences, providing a new assurance of at least this much — we had it all catywampus, all inside-out.

Light in Darkness — blogspot

Where we expected great levels of relief & real joy as the products, the blessings of our awakening trek, what we discover, instead, is that the bad comes right along with the good. We’ve got it all to face, not just the good bits we thought enlightenment entailed.

The longer we stick with this inner trek, the more we stand back from simply all of our beliefs. We’ve seen too many of them crash & burn, personally, to place that much reliance in them anymore. We’re more firmly in MOM (Mind-Observer Mode), now, & we like it like that.


We’re now ready & able to take a closer look at the depths of depravity displayed by some humans. Whereas before, we were clueless about their motivations, about what sort of character traits were required to engage in their darker actions, now we’re ready to take a closer look.

Friends, why would someone rape, injure, or kill a small child? Everything in us screams out against such behavior & its terrible consequences for the innocent ones. We’re appalled, finding no empathy whatsoever with any of this. Innocent animals are treated even more appallingly.

Now, come back to your center. Find your inner peace, your point of strength in any NowHere moment, regardless of the doings of anything external to you.[1] We don’t understand evil, not being evil, ourselves, thus unable to identify with it.

On the other hand, many who walk dark paths eventually awaken sufficiently to what they’re actually doing, to the dark forces with which they’re engaging, such that they change course. Not one of us walking the earth is exempt from making mistakes, some of them more terrible than others. Since no one is immune, we do have the basis for, if not empathy, then at least an understanding of how we can be confused or misled.

I must pause, here, to say this: whoever we regard as “they,” as bad or evil, is not that. Heart will not exclude them from its warm embrace. It is well said that “The sun shines on the just & the unjust, alike.” There is a deep impartiality in Heart, where literally no one is judged, found wanting, or incomplete. We are Humanity — they are us, we are them, no matter our beliefs to the contrary.[2]


Many a belief system is carved out by separating us into endless piles of good & evil, desirable & undesirable. Let us look deeper into that. What’s it all about?

All of us on the awakening trek eventually come to realize that a massive divide-and-conquer game is at work against Humanity. Once you’ve seen through this particular smoke-screen often enough, you’re ready to realize that it’s a lie of the whole cloth — nothing redeemable in those Belief Systems.

Touching down into our ultimate Oneness is everyone’s eventual experience as we awaken. To the extent that we still hold others hostage to our beliefs, we’re not yet fully occupying Heart. There are but few consistent markers along the awakening trail, & the widespread divide-and-conquer strategy is one of them.

We finally reach a point where we’re steady enough, within, to realize that, if it divides us against one another, it’s no good, it’s not real — no matter what the topic of debate. That’s a dark-path strategy, pure & simple, having no redeeming value to us. As there are very few of these consistencies along the way, it is well to recognize & embrace them as they appear.


Our Inner Being has practically no views in common with our outer persona.

This comes to us via a series of periodic mental & emotional shocks. If they find us sufficiently open to reconsider our former positions, all is well. The tighter we cling to old beliefs, the rougher the ride that we take. Identification with soul or Heart is what steadies us to untangle the seemingly chaotic maze of beliefs.

To our Inner Being, all life glows with radiant inner beauty. We realize that Source, far from having taken any dark path, has gifted us with the greatest blessing: free will. By allowing us to chart our own courses, Source has enabled our learning & growth, our spiritual expansion, if you will — which is also the expansion of Source.


Source sends no one to hell. Rather, we’re tricked into choosing that for ourselves.

Yes, that slaps many a strongly held belief right in the face. You are greater, by far than any of your beliefs, my friends, my companions along the Way. It’s our character-in-the-play who receives these shocks — not us. The power of thought has immense ability to create.

We weave whole (personal) realities via thoughts & beliefs. We’re called on to surrender ever so much along the way. Who is thus calling us? Our Inner Being, Source resident at our core.

Perhaps I’m being too gentle, here, promising to cut to the chase, to enter the depths, not quite getting there, yet. As this is sufficient meat for pondering — not thinking about, but going deeper — I’ll continue in part 3.

Do be cautious, friends, about going forward into the next one. Please, don’t come to it from a mental stance or perspective. It has no benefit to offer, there. As we take the stance of our Inner Being we perceive & receive the potential benefits.



[1] Eventually, we discover that there is literally nothing “external” to us, but most of us are not quite there, not yet receptive to that. 😉

[2] That doesn’t mean equal treatment, equal outcomes for all. What it means is equal opportunity. The people are never judged, yet they are called to answer for their behavior if it persists, if they don’t willingly change it.

Friday 2017/11/17, 1st, Mayan day 2 Road / Eb




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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