Can’t Legislate Morality

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening,

Though people continue to try, we cannot legislate morality. It just doesn’t work. Outlaw guns & only criminals will have them, since criminals, by definition, don’t obey laws. They laugh at them, finding creative ways to thwart them.

When will we wake up to this?

We can take as long as we like. No one can force us to awaken.

It’s in our best interest to awaken, of course, but in the presence of free will, it’s a matter of unique individual choice. The only individual it pays to focus upon is the self, the only one over which we have any power. As for the rest, we’ll come to Peace quicker if we choose to honor their free-will choices.

Can’t Prove Me Right —

Just as we can’t legislate morality (since what’s inside a person is what comes out & nothing external can control that), we can’t prove anyone’s innocence.

Only guilt can be established. Did you know that?

We can have 50,000 results supporting our hypothesis. All it takes is 1 solid negative result to bring it crashing down. This applies to justice, as well.

Lady Justice wears the blindfold to assure that she focuses only on the actions brought before her, not on the people accused of committing them. We can both prove & condemn the action, then lay out appropriate consequences, but we do great harm to condemn the person.

We cannot prove a negative & we have no business trying to do so. Innocense is a negative, the absence of guilt, of crime. Far too many of us are focused on the people involved in whatever it is, rather than on their actions.

For example, there is a hatred of President Trump that transcends all possibility of any defense. It amounts to prejudice; judged, condemned, & sentenced, no trial required, ears closed to anything he would say.


What goes around comes around. That makes it awkward since we set ourselves up to be on the receiving end of whatever we dish out. We let ourselves be manipulated into harming those we judge, but also our future selves. Many don’t yet see that our entire creative palette is our internal self. It totally limits what we can create.

Do we harbor hate? Then we’re sure to encounter ever more hate; often over the course of several lives, but however long it takes to wake ourselves up. Hate (or whatever negativity) doesn’t come as punishment, vengeance, or bad karma; it comes as a poorly wrapped gift.

Our ability to SEE things differently unlocks or unwraps the gifts.

Humanity still hasn’t come to terms with our own massive power, the Power of Creation native to Source-in-form. Creation actually works through us, & it works effectively to the extent we manage to get out of the way. Our ego-mind is a temporary manifestation, not an aspect of our eternal, infinite Being. It gets in the way until we master it.

No one can awaken anyone else, thanks to free will.

Nor is it our job to try. We serve them best by serving the self, by connecting with Higher Self, putting That One in charge of leading our life. That’s when things seem to flow best & in ways no mind can decipher. Best to not try, just let it be & enjoy.

Let’s quit judging people, friends. They, too, are Source-in-form at their core, the bearer of many gifts. When we back off & observe, detaching enough to witness what’s going on without being too personally involved, a greater clarity arises, especially when we know Source/God delivers only angels, only gifts.

It’s when we identify with the form & with its issues that we’re easily lost to our Source-in-form Self. It’s how we self-limit, locking ourselves down in a small box when infinity is our native stomping ground. When do we finally recognize how, all along, we’ve been doing this to ourselves? When do we finally choose to take our Power back & own everything about our life?

When do we stop blaming others?

The beauty is that it’s always there & available for us when we’re finally ready. No one can make us ready, either; that, too, is strictly up to the self/Self. We need to leave one another alone, giving all sufficient room to expand out into Who they truly are, & when they’re ready, they will; not until.

Nothing about anyone else is up to us.

That’s not something our mind is willing to consider, much less accept, but oh well. We’re a stubborn lot. The sooner we begin respecting the self, the sooner we’ll get to watch ourself respecting others. That’s just how it works, & try as we might to manipulate things or people in our mind’s desired direction, that won’t work.

What we are on the inside is what we get to experience on the outside — as our life.

This gets us back to the fact that we can’t legislate, i.e., force morality either on ourselves or on others. It never works. It’s a backward approach, & the sooner we spot that, the sooner we’ll quit banging our head against the closest brick wall.

We can have our fit, we can lay down to scream, shout, beat & kick the ground all we like. There’s no harm in that, though it’s likely best done in private. Once we get it out of our system, we’ll have cleared the way to see things differently. We’ll have given up on the way we were trying to force things to go.

Then we can Love & nurture the self, turning our tender, kind, & Loving regard on Who we are. That’s actually backward, too, since that will be Who we are, turning Its Loving regard on who we long took ourselves to be, the body-mind costume, the ego-mind creation.

Life will only begin to blossom for us once we start nurturing our inner garden.

If Loving yourself seems so far away, an idea that doesn’t make any sense, center in Heart. You don’t have to figure it out. Who You are already Knows every bit of this. We’re brought up dissing & disrespecting the self. We’re well established in it by age 7, but that lasts only as long as it remains invisible to us.

It’s a big deal to turn our focus within, but it’s also the beginning of the end of all of our woes. Things — meaning everything — just look(s) different to Heart. There’s no explaining this to the mind, which we eventually figure out.

At the point you find yourself turning away from your demanding mind & returning to a Heart focus, know that you’re well on your way into The Great Awakening.

Love yourself. Enjoy watching, observing your Self love yourself.

Live from Heart. It’s the shortest way & the finest way out of the mess that we find ourselves in. You can’t turn everything around the way your ego-mind would love to do, but give Heart a chance — then stand back to watch the miracles flow, both to & through you.

You won’t be sorry, oh, no. You’ll be amazed.

Let’s just let go & let it Be what it is, giving up on the idea that we know diddly squat. Only then can Life show us that we don’t. 😆 It’s infinitely better this way as we gain our sea legs in the new, hugely expanded territory of infinity/eternity.

Since we unavoidably contain All That Is, both Light & dark, only now do we begin to appreciate the beauty of Balance as our most desirable option. ☯️ Only NowHere do we truly begin to (allow our natural) flow, finally able to get out & often stay out of the way of it

as we’re being Danced 💃



11:29 p.m., Thursday, 2019/05/23 — Mayan day 8 Seed / Kan



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness