Blessings of Chaos

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

We’re clearly in a time of transformation, an amazing time of polarization that will give birth to who-knows-what. That’s yet to be determined — by us. As we recognize our inborn (divine) power, we are in the midst of creating whatever-it-is in every moment, every NowHere that those in the Matrix view as nowhere. We’re waking-up.

The ride would be smoother if everyone realized that they’re charting their course via every thought, every attitude & belief. Our awakening accelerates as we refuse to point fingers of blame. In the absence of negative, critical energies, we are open to deeper layers & levels of understanding. Mercy & Compassion arise in response to our new choices.


We realize that, were we in their shoes, whoever they are, we’d likely speak & act that way. We see their actions for what they are — the outplaying of a different perspective. We’re more flexible, now, able to see things through new eyes, sometimes through others’ eyes.

This is Oneness at work — something new to today’s humanity.

This is something our mental adventuring across the worldwide web can support. As we explore other views, new ideas & inventions, we get a peek into what our future might hold. The attitudes we take are creative, as we wield the power of our inner vision.

Mind Over Matter Is Real: Experiments Reveal! — 34:56

We begin to intuit the part we play in all of this, how we’re not neutral observers of anything. Considering Who we are, we couldn’t be. There’s no such thing as a “neutral observer,” which science begins to realize.


Our vision is creative. Combined with our attitudes & beliefs, what we see we help to co-create. Our separation from one another is pure illusion. Those exploring the realm accessible via Heart — our “inner reality” — discover our union via their own direct experiences. Those still stuck in the Matrix demand proof — which they will not, they cannot get until they take the journey, themselves.

We cannot help them in any external way, for there is no argument or evidence they would accept — so we learn to leave them to their own trek. None of us hold a monopoly on divinity, & we know it, so we entrust them to their own Source-in-form identity.

The playing field is ultimately level, no one holding a “higher” position than anyone else.

Thus is the brilliant individuality of each one’s journey enabled to shine. Thus are the beauties of our differences on display, each one following inner guidance in whatever direction it leads. Now, instead of criticizing or correcting anyone’s choices, we can celebrate them. Flowing toward those who harmonize with our path, away from those on another trek, is purely natural.


All is well. Only now are some of us able to relax into this deeper reality. We laugh at so many things that have lost their power to upset us. We laugh at the self, too, for we realize how we were manipulated, before, into giving our power away. We now own those things for which we took no responsibility in our divided-and-conquered days — & we laugh.

So much is being healed in the midst of the chaos, both internal & external. As we witness our own inner chaos fading away in the presence of this new, deeper approach, we’ll see that reflected “out there.” This is so new to us as we exit the Matrix, our ability to create.

Beauty of Chaos —

As Source-in-form, we begin to recognize that we’re the creators of simply everything. Yes, uncovering this takes far deeper exploration & the experiences it brings. To the mind, it’s hubris in the extreme to make such a claim, to see it this way, but so what?

What does the mind know of our deeper state?

It’s our mind that was hacked, but we don’t get to see that until we take the plunge, going deeper than any mind can go. We feel no guilt as we walk away from those demanding proof. We’re on two different playing fields, & there is nothing in the mental realm able to acknowledge our inner proof. Those remaining in mind are simply unable to hear us, so we move on.

Celebrate your particular journey, friends. Sometimes, perhaps often, it will seem strange to you that you could actually be Source-in-form — so unlike anything you’ve considered thus far in your journey. The more time we spend in Heart, the more we get used to being surprised, such that it morphs into a way of life for us.


We’re more cautious, now, about claiming that we know anything. We’re better able to recognize the ego personality at work. Its claims are innocent, are true from its perspective, but superficial next to what we’re discovering, within. Just as we back away from those unable to hear us, we back away from (identifying with) our own personality.

MOM, or Mind-Observer Mode, is more often our chosen state. It’s great fun to explore the radically new perspectives that arise. We’re now willing to investigate them, rather than condemning or criticizing what we don’t understand.

We’re more loving, overall, discovering Love as our fundamental stance to everything, as that which unites all.

Let us tend to our own trek in the midst of this crazy time of polarization, for we’re charting our own course. In this time of separation, we see humanity’s choices playing out on the world stage. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re blazing our own trail with every thought, allowing our beliefs to blind us to so many things.


Those stepping back into oneness with humanity literally take the higher ground, their frequencies rising beyond 3D. We see how what we were taught to believe is more myth than the deeper reality we’re now experiencing. This enables us to let go without fear, to step into the higher frequency reality that’s been hidden from us for so long.

Trust your own inner guidance. It knows best. No one can tell you what’s best for you but your Self. There’s a Peace found in Heart that steadies your course, that trumps a nervous, frightened mind, able to calm & soothe it. As long as we don’t allow the mind to rob us of the presence of our NowHere focus, we are both calm & uplifted.

We, as Source-in-form, are taking control, reclaiming our significant Power in ways humanity has not known for many an age. Thus, we don’t look to recorded history, to the stories we’ve been told, for we’re far more ancient than that. They were Matrix stories, anyway, for “history” is always written (or altered) by the victors.

We cut ourselves free from the old expectations, the old knowledge that is anything but. Better times are ahead, once we walk through this chaotic phase. Let’s keep reclaiming every bit of power we were once convinced to give away, often convinced we didn’t even have it to give. The victors convinced us they held all the cards, all the power to control. What a laugh!


One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to make the identity shift, withdrawing from the character-in-a-play we’ve been enacting. While we still play our part, now we do so from a much deeper space where we’re in direct connection with Who we are. It’s just not the same, anymore, but in ways that don’t lend themselves to words on a page.

We’ll move into full use of our native telepathy as we go. Via our inner senses, we can transfer a fuller understanding of anything, rather like a download, all at once. We’re healing the great rift between our external character & Who we truly are, the rift once imposed by the Matrix. Though we were vulnerable to that, we’re pulling out of it more each day, thus eliminating that vulnerability.

Have fun with this, friends. We’re tempted to take both ourselves & all that’s happening way too seriously. When we catch ourselves (our outer self) doing that, let’s slip back down into Heart for a new look. Chances are good that we’ll laugh at the antics of our external character. We’re pulling out of the superficial game & its perspectives in favor of far better choices.



8:58 am, Sunday 2017/12/10, 1st, Mayan day 12 Eagle / Men




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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