Awakening — Power of the Basics

Going Beyond, Well Beyond

“These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Spiritual Awakening,
I Care About Global Consciousness —

The wise ones silently observe.

There’s a “space” that transcends our conscious mind, that we eventually see transcends mentation, entirely. Let’s be humble enough to admit that we don’t really understand thought, since both the body’s heart & gut produce neurotransmitters, too, not just the brain.

It’s found as we take our position in Heart & in the NowHere of this moment — to just Be.

We are empty, seeking nothing, thinking nothing, & if we hear the mutterings of mind in the distance we ignore them, returning to center. I hesitate to use too many words, as words create limits. We’re tired of the limits, many wanting to throw them off, entirely, to discover what may be. 🌈 ❔

Yet, words, of necessity, always limit whatever they define, unable to present the entirety of anything. Nor are they meant to; nor do they need to, since it’s not doable via words, which are always ABOUT something, never the thing in itself. 📖

When in Heart, we’re always in the land of Both/And. ☯ ️Words are, or can be, the paintbrush with which we draw the distinctions between any this & that. Yet, because we each abide in our own personal reality, our own unique universe of meaning, our words don’t always make it into another’s awareness intact.

Something is both lost & gained as they pass through the other’s cognitive, emotional, & cultural biasses & filters.

We say this, they hear that, often to the dismay of both. Try as we may, we can’t knock our truth into someone else’s thick skull. 😆 🔨💀 😆

What humanity takes to be locked-down, actual reality is far more malleable, more flexible than most of us realize.

Virtual Reality —

When we’re sufficiently grounded, we’ll experience our Self moving on, yet we leave that move to Heart, not to the mind.


  1. Identity
  2. reality & Reality
  3. Heart & NowHere

A realm beyond words — how cool is that? And how strange 😲 (but only to the mind ;-).

The more we Heart center, the more we ignore the mind’s chattering ways, the more our sensing abilities come to the fore. As usual, this has always been there, under our noses — well, in Heart 😆 — yet not seen. I find that to always be the case, no matter what fantastic new wonder awakening presents.

Are we flexible enough to flow with this potentially great Shift, to ride these incoming wave(s)?

With awakening, we begin to see we were largely misinformed in every way. Those resident in Heart are not disappointed, not angry, but rather excited & intrigued. What is this new ❔ coming on stage? What doors does Heart-within-Now unlock that we didn’t see yesterday? 🔓

We see that, in order to present one aspect of the Whole, the mind must distort what it presents.

Nothing exists independently from anything else, from the Whole, yet even to have a conversation certain things are ignored, others emphasized, pulled out as if they were separate, which is a lie.

Probably not… but who knows?

There’s nothing wrong with the mind, it just isn’t what we took it to be; but then, nor is reality/Reality, nor is self/Self… Shall I go on? Nah, you don’t need that.

Our mind is a great tool, but we took it to be so much more, our reality-viewing lens.

It’s akin to taking the trombone to be the whole symphony. It’s a wonderful, perfectly useful trombone, it’s just not what we took it to be, so of course, it can’t stand in for the whole.

Those “issues” are just mental perspectives, anyway, but only Heart Knows this.

Heart is ready & willing to share with us, but are we ready & willing to focus, to listen, to allow that? When we rush into the specifics of anything before we’re well grounded, we find ourselves unceremoniously dumped back into the more limited mental arena. From there, Heart & its realm seem hazy & unreal, since no mind can enter Heart’s infinite realm.

We’re going beyond both the mind & any sort of boundaries.

We see that seemingly separate people & things, universes & unicorns, are also just fleeting appearances, aspects of the Whole, facets of the One Divine Diamond. 💎 This can go as deep as we like, & then deeper once we’re primed & ready; deep into our Source-in-form Self. 😲

Be vs do.

Many of us have experienced other realities in higher (& perhaps lower) frequencies. Some call them other dimensions — just words. Be it via spiritual experience, NDE, OBE or whatever the vehicle, we’ve experienced ourselves in other realms.

It’s not your job to do someone else’s research for them, nor would they likely believe you if you did.

From the Spirit/soul perspective, our 3D lives are dreams. They are not “as dreams,” they are dreams, not partaking of the greater Reality but exploring an aspect of that. We leave our superpowers at Home when we incarnate, though the awakening ones pick a few of them up along the way.

Our structural skeleton isn’t bone, it’s Source! 😲

It makes a Huge difference whether we explore Cosmos, All That Is, via the mind or via Heart as Source-in-form. It naturally takes some time, some “getting used to,” to move into acceptance of Self as Higher Self/Source. There is no rush. (Take that, impatient mind! 🎯)

We, as the nut Source has cracked, now shine with the innate brilliance of a thousand suns. ☀️

We humbly & deeply appreciate the fact that this brilliance cannot be claimed nor owned, but only allowed as the divinity it is. We celebrate both our own allowing, & sometimes even more so the allowing we see in others.

Our biggest Love affair, ever, is with Source-as-self, with us as Source-in-form.


Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness