Attitude is Critical

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

There’s gratitude, then there’s thanks, but appreciation is different. Were you aware? Both gratitude & thanks assume at least two — one offering it, another (or others) on the receiving end. They are fine, as far as they go, but let’s go deeper & realize how they keep us in duality. Appreciation reinforces oneness for those with eyes to see it — from Heart, of course. 😉

In the One there is no possibility of two, of separation of anything from anything. Once our beloved humanity goes deeper & begins experiencing this awesome unity, things will change — bigly, lol. Heaven knows we’re more polarized, now, than perhaps ever before. It’s intense!

Eckhart Tolle — Universe — Wordpress

Let’s take a time-out from being so mind-focused & drop down into Heart, the only spot where duality doesn’t exist. Though we have so very much to appreciate, it’s harder to see it from inside the Matrix, most will agree. The Matrix exit portal is Heart — not the organ, not the chakra, but a higher frequency realm aligned with the central chest.


While many people are ready to tear one another apart, the awakening ones are standing back, generally refusing to participate. We just don’t see things the same way, having found our (internal) way out of many old perspectives & beliefs.

We trap ourselves in these messes, friends.

How many are taking enough responsibility to see it like that? No one can trap us or hold us down — no one but the self. Unless we’re on Matrix auto-pilot, we get to choose our response (or non-response) to whatever it is.

Look at Austrian Victor Frankl, stuck in a Nazi prison camp for years with his young son. In the worst possible conditions he managed to find things to appreciate, to lift them both up, as revealed in his famous book, Man’s Search for Meaning, an amazing read.


We’re powerful beings, & our attitudes have everything to do with how much we enjoy life. It’s not dependent on outer circumstances or he would have been as miserable as the other prisoners.

If circumstances ruled, we’d all have the same response to the same circumstance, right?

We make excuses when we blame circumstances, our parents, or other people for how we feel, how we behave. Circumstances have no power over us except the power we cede to them — which we can take back whenever we like. Until we recognize & embrace our inherent power as Source-in-form, we’re often blown whichever way the wind goes.

It’s tough to admit that we all had a hand in current reality coming to this pass, where brother is pitted against brother in countless ways. We didn’t create the mess, directly, but we turned a blind eye & let it happen, along with prior generations.

Okay, so humanity goofed. We trusted too much. We let the bad guys take over.

Now what?

For starters, we can quit waiting to be rescued, which is just another responsibility dodge. If you think some army or some savior is coming to rescue you, what do you do? You batten down the hatches to survive the mess while you wait, right? How is that helping anyone?


Free will rocks, & we all get to choose, so I don’t suggest trying to correct your friends & family if that is their belief. We’re only talking about us, about personal responsibility for ourself. It’s nothing we were taught & it goes against most of our programmed beliefs, this taking-responsibility thing, but we can shift out of all of that.

It’s a choice.

We can’t choose for anyone else, which is actually good, since we have our hands full just dealing with the self, I hope you’ll agree. We have so many stupid beliefs on-board that it’s a real wonder when anyone wakes up. I continue to beat the drum of turning inward, of cleaning out our own trash, dealing with our personal challenges, which shifts & alters old perspectives.


One thing we were heavily programmed to do is to be negative, to be reactive, to blame others. Isn’t it more rare for people to be cheerful & calm, versus sad, anxious, & depressed? You can tell by people’s expressions, which are more often neutral or negative than happy.

The awakening ones — that would be us — can now begin to take in other clues, other cues. As the inner senses awaken, we can feel people’s energy, sensing what’s going on with them. If you’re unaware that you have this ability, then spend more time focused in Heart as you go about your days.

Once you know you have a potential, an ability you claim — & you do so — things seem more obvious. It’s the old, “You don’t know what you don’t know,” in action. Once you know (or at least suspect) you have an ability, that’s akin to turning it on. Everything is subtle, at first, but you can accelerate quickly if you’re determined.

It isn’t determination to do anything, to change your behavior or routine. Rather, it’s determination to become aware of something already at work in you, something you hadn’t noticed, before. It’s not hard.

These are also the fruits of making friends with MOM, Mind-Observer Mode. We’re still in duality with that — you, as soul or spirit, observing your mind at work, so there’s still two. This is a transition stage on our way into Heart, so it’s great. The Oneness awaits until we make room for it.

In this case, though, we’re observing much more than just the mind. We’re now calling on those inner senses, learning to use them. We’re more into sensing, feeling into things, than we are into thought. We’ve gone deeper, & the rewards are great.


We won’t likely get much positive reinforcement from those we know & associate with. We’re leaving their reality, their world behind to some extent, so we’ll have less things in common for a while. We’ll all wake-up at some point, we’re just ahead of the curve.

Then again, we don’t need outer reinforcement, now that we’re into this taking-responsibility thing. It’s all about us. It begins & ends with us. That sounds daunting, but only to the mind. This is no big deal to Who we really are. When we don’t train ourselves to be Heart-centered we slide off the tracks, but it’s not hard to spot & correct.


Pull back, pull back, pull back from the world & all things external to you. We won’t be making changes that many can spot, early on, as we’re in observer mode. This is an internal journey, folks, so it’s time & past time to get better acquainted with our real identity, & you don’t do that while being caught-up in the goings-on.

We’ve got to let go!

Until we release the strangle-hold of our external preoccupation, especially electronics & social media, we’re not going anywhere fast — anywhere we want to go. Time spent spinning in the mind’s endless thoughts is time spent largely unaware. Heart’s very existence is still a mystery to many, largely due to mental preoccupation.

You can do your job, take care of the children, shop, drive, & pretty much everything while focused in Heart. This is not about separate times for meditation, though that helps. This is about making a consciousness shift that will have great repercussions, later on.

It completely alters our experience of the world.

“How can it do that?,” some wonder. How can I look just the same to everyone else & be making such a huge change? Heart will answer that for you. This is all about going within. The questions eventually drop away.


When we’re seeking answers, that means we have a certain take on both what’s going on & what we want out of it. In other words, we’re stuck in the past/future thing. We have a particular perspective on whatever it is. Confirmation Bias will help us find answers, sure — just not the ones that will move us along on our Heart journey.

We’ve got to learn to be empty, friends, as much as we can. We don’t have to take step ten before we’ve taken step one. Having questions & seeking answers keeps us bogged down in past & future issues. The companion of Heart focus is being present in every Now moment. That’s the precious key that unlocks the Heart door/portal.

We’re entering the realm of spirit, of soul, of energy, of consciousness, so it’s not a linear sort of space where you go from one room to the next. It’s frequently shocking, but that’s also helpful. Why? Because, when we know that the only thing being shocked by any of it is our mind, that’s the clue that we slipped back into a mental focus.

We all do it; it’s no big deal. The big deal is to recognize it when it’s happening, which is a real victory on this trek.

Like anything new to us, we’ll often realize with hindsight that we slipped into mind before we said something stupid & had that big argument. Later on, when we’re back in Heart again, realizations will come. Heart shows us these things all the time, but we’ve got to be there to get the message. Pretty simple.


It’s so much fun to notice ourselves getting quicker on the uptake, quicker to notice we just slipped-up. Pretty soon we’ll begin to notice it as it’s happening. That’s what we want, & it’s evidence we’re present in our Now moment. It couldn’t happen, otherwise.

I don’t suggest going this route if you’re too attached to the world of externals.

Don’t push yourself. Just spend more time centering in Heart & noticing things. It’s enough. Remember, you’re not really the do-er of anything — not in Heart. That’s where the dance of Source happens, where we allow ourselves to be danced into thinking, saying, doing whatever it is.

Yes, it’s a real mind-pretzel, but you’ll be okay with that at some point. You’ll sense that point, too, the more you Heart focus. You’ll just know. This whole journey is very much about giving the reins over to Source, about being willing to move wherever Heart leads.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote — 2017/12/30

“Whenever you are feeling less than good, if you will stop and say, Nothing is more important than that I feel good — I want to find a reason now to feel good, you will find an improved thought.

“Anytime you feel negative emotion, you are in the mode of resisting something that you want, and that resistance takes its toll on you. It takes its toll on your physical body, and it takes its toll on the amount of wonderful things that you are allowing to come into your experience.”

Excerpted from Money and the Law of Attraction on 8/31/08

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

Those on this particular trek are entering a whole new world, a new realm where nothing remains the same. It all morphs, somehow, & I couldn’t tell you how — it just does. It’s totally awesome, especially since your major strategy to get there is to enjoy yourself.

One caveat, though — enjoying yourself from Heart is nothing like enjoying yourself from the mind’s perspective. Let’s learn to distinguish between them. Remember — a whole nother world. 😉



11:16 pm, Friday 2017/12/29, 3rd, Mayan day 5 Jaguar / Ix



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