At Ease in THIS Moment

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

We tend to make life complex & difficult. Perhaps we get a kick out of a bit of chaos, perhaps we’re just bored — who knows why? I don’t. Perhaps we’re just trained to chase our tail around in fruitless circles.

What perspective shall we take on our world?

Shall we condemn the chaos, the depravity running seemingly rampant? Or shall we write the world off, seeking a savior to come & put it to rights? Perhaps we choose to isolate ourselves, refusing to engage, to play an active part?


It’s all about choice, & how we choose to see things is critical to our vibrational state. Just because we were all saddled with a sorry set of BS beliefs doesn’t mean we lost our ability to choose something better. I celebrate with those stepping back from it all, re-framing it to check out different perspectives — to note how those feel.

How we FEEL is life’s most critical element.

Feelings are actually our Inner Being speaking up, sharing its take on things. We can’t control what happens to us or the actions of others but we’re completely in charge of how we feel, of what perspective we choose. Society is far more concerned with how we behave than how we feel. Let’s ditch that manipulative perspective.


I’m aware of two basic realms, one of them containing the other one: Heart & mind. Which one we pick is easy to spot — the one where we spend the bulk of our time. There’s nothing inherently better about living in one or the other, yet, our choice of realm defines our territory, the context for our life. One can live a good life in the mind realm — it’s just more limited, that’s all. It’s also harder to feel good, there.

Our mind cannot deliver the sense of ease always available to Heart. I’ve found the key to this feeling to be laughably simple, too simple to intrigue those stationed in the mind. Simple it may be, but it requires training ourselves into a new habit. It’s not a done-and-complete sort of affair. It takes concerted effort.

1 — Center in Now

2 — Know happiness is your birthright

3 — Focus in Heart

Our ability to make a concerted effort toward anything is diluted, these days. Our electronic & Internet addictions have us spending the bulk of our time in the mind’s realm. It’s become a permanent distraction that makes it difficult to fully focus on anything outside of that arena.

Interactions between us often consist of sharing links or writing comments. A family or group of friends dining together will repeatedly ignore one another in favor of Internet interactions. Imagine your great-grandparents seeing such a group — what would be their response to this ubiquitous behavior? Yup, they’d be shocked.

Why aren’t we shocked? How is it that we’ve accepted this behavior that would be considered rude by perhaps all previous generations? What’s happened, here? How did we get lured into this weird careless rudeness?


It was a sinister plan, friends, carefully implemented one small change at a time. Keep us sufficiently distracted & entertained to enable the cabal to operate unnoticed in the shadows. Well, that worked for a good long while, but no longer. There’s now too much Light on the scene, too many sufficiently awakened to recognize the game.

I don’t suggest we delve too deeply into any us-vs-them meme, however. All we need do is look at how we feel when doing that — not so great. It brings us down. Sure, we want to make a difference, to bring change, but the whole divide-and-conquer thing is a disempowerment trap.

The cabal’s best interests are served by keeping us anxious & miserable. They feed on that energy. Those in the future will realize that humanity emits a frequency, & those on the dark side use our energies as food. To sustain them it must vibrate at their lower frequencies. They created the Matrix not just for control, but to milk us of our Light. Right now only clairvoyants can actually see these energies at work, but later on, we’ll have scientific instruments for that.

When we step back enough to look through this perspective lens, things clarify. We see the dance of both the dark & the Light at work, everywhere. We must be aware of our subtle energies to direct them in more satisfying ways. Yet, even absent the current inability to see these things, we can sense them. We’re not blind to this activity, but our mind is because it gets sucked in.

Up until now, humanity has been farmed like sheep or cattle, used to sustain those who long ago took the reins of control. We’ve been their life-stock, their livestock, primed to generate negative energy. All of the characteristics of the Matrix, all of the tools it employs are designed around this vampiric need of the cabal that arose when they rejected their direct connection to Source.


Source “feeds” us all, energetically.

Those who align with that participate in a perpetual flow, nourishing to the body & mind, but more importantly to our spirit/soul. We have more than a few steps required to directly experience being Source-in-form, yet it’s good to know it’s available, inevitable.

What if the most important thing is to feel good, to anchor in the higher frequency energy? What if that’s what aligns us with Source so we can experience more of the divine flow? What if what we’re doing at any point is not the point, but how we’re doing it is — how we feel.

What if nothing else matters as much as this one simple thing?

Those who meditate will agree that most of humanity doesn’t know what it means to be fully present in the NowHere moment. It’s so much easier said than done, & strongly resisted by the mind’s preoccupation with traveling time. No mind knows how to just Be. So our choice of realm — mind or Heart — plays a critical role in everything.

How long will we continue to settle for second-best, for having our spirit wings clipped? Where are the brave adventurers, willing to enter a new realm? This calls us to drop our fascination with all mental perspectives, all tech, to step back far enough to take this broad view, else we can’t see the forest for the trees.


Heart’s perspectives are entirely other than those of the mind. Heart will not offer the proof our mind demands, the proof only available via direct experience. Heart will not satisfy the mind, but then, nothing does. Mind offers fleeting satisfaction, at best, while Heart’s offerings are vast & eternal.

Once we find our way into the Now experience we’re not quite there. While ignoring our mind, we now center in Heart, but with a twist. Let’s be aware that happiness is our right & is ever available to all who find their way here. It’s a new perspective. We’re not used to thinking like this, so it’s like swimming upstream, at first, against our old momentum.

Be stubborn, friends. Be determined to find a better way & you will.

From this perspective, we can view every roadblock as lovingly delivered by Source, illuminating the changes that will further enable the desired experience. How’s that for a different perspective? Are you letting this settle in, letting it get past the mental filters? Reading this from Heart makes it much easier to perceive & absorb.

You already know all of this — your spirit/soul does. We’re not here on earth to learn diddly-squat, we’re here to remember all that we forgot along the way. We’re here to reclaim our sovereignty, not waiting for the body’s death to deliver that. We want to own it, Now.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote — 2017/12/13

“Many think success means getting everything I want. And we say, that’s what dead is, and there is no such thing as that kind of dead. Success is not being done; not being complete. Success is still dreaming and feeling positive in the unfolding.” [Emphasis added]

Excerpted from Sacramento, CA on 3/15/03

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

Well, we can own it, & it’s far easier than most believe once those initial conditions are met. Don’t let your mind fool you into thinking you know all about centering in your Now moment; mind knows nothing of Spirit/soul. Gaining this power, this ability to simply be still, is a fruit of anchoring in Heart.

Once we’ve found our way into stillness, all that’s required is Heart centering while knowing our happy ease is available. We just know it into being — well, not quite. It’s always present, we just didn’t know, so we blocked it. We were distracted, focused elsewhere — in the mind.


Once people begin to realize that happiness is a choice, first, but more importantly, a really important one, this will spread like wildfire. All of the BS we were taught about being “selfish” has to go. Who knows, perhaps that was programming designed to keep us out?

We must be so “selfish” that we put the self/Self first, always. How does that work? Isn’t that mean? Heck, no! Self is all we are, all we’ve got, & all we take along when we leave the planet. Clearly, it’s the foundation of our entire earth experience. As we’ve heard, “The kingdom is within.”

Your divine Self IS the kingdom. What if the entry key is as simple as being at ease in your Now? Though it takes some work to master yourself, it’s accessible at any Now moment. You need not wait. Just lay aside the tech toys, settle in & focus right now. Feel the ease set in, & it will.

Once we know this, it’s a lovely no-brainer. 😉 Old habits & their well-established momentums are in our way. This is where the mind & soul/spirit can cooperate. When we know what’s available & how to access that, we have the secret key. We’ve got to stand tall & firm in our sovereignty, here.

The choices are all on us to make.

Freedom — Feeling Good —

No one can deliver this to anyone else, which may be why many religions are faltering. You can’t follow someone else into this, but must clear your own path, as the founders of every teaching or religion did. They were the rebels! Not the sheep.

Anyone who takes a moment to do this while reading, here, can reap the fruits, can feel that ease as troubles melt away. Your current life circumstances don’t matter one whit — you’re entitled to this. It’s your birthright, one that was hidden but is now shining bright, ready to be claimed.

Rather than plant our boots on the Moon or Mars, let’s take the bigger adventure & plant them within, right Here, right Now. We’ll meet in the oneness of Heart.



8:40 am, Wednesday 2017/12/13, 1st, Mayan day 2 Flint / Etznab




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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