Are You Game? — Part 2

Anunaki Awakening?

These Eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me

So how shall the Anunaki — those who are willing — awaken? Trapped, as some of the ranking ones are here within earth, it may be that some face actual annihilation. That’s not necessary, it’s just one of their very scanty options.

Having worked themselves into a tight corner, they may even have only 2 choices — turn over a new leaf & shift toward the Light, or good-bye — into the ultimate recycling program of Source, where all endings are likewise new beginnings.


One potential avenue leading to learning, to softening their ways, would be incarnating in forms just like those of their conquered races. By walking many a mile in our shoes they would surely learn a thing or two, LOL. Yet it’s far beyond me to know the ways of Source on such levels, so I’ll just toss that in as one possibility.

Live or die — the choice is theirs, of course, in our Free-Will Universe (which I’ll call Universe A). They can thank themselves for the stark choices. Over extremely long periods of time, they have thereby narrowed their options. Having run amuck for ever so long, they’ve put themselves right where they are.

The “judgment” of Source is on auto-pilot, if you will — never dished out, personally (for Source is not a being, an entity, a “person”). Question any belief or religion that personalizes a deity. One day it will be shown that these “gods” were likely ET/ED beings, many of them Anunaki.


The same arrogance that convinces them that all Life must bow before them, serving their needs, is in the way now. It likely keeps them from fully accepting their current fix. It must be tough for them to admit that anyone or anything could have such power over them — sufficient to limit their options to “live or die,” “shift or good-bye.”

It seems that the remaining earth-bound Anunaki have been working hard to negotiate their way out of this tight fix. Witness all the comings & goings from Antarctica, which may relate to this — who knows? No doubt their options were more generous, earlier on , before the Light-enforced lock-down. In their arrogance they chose to reject prior offers. Having been lawless for what would be endless ages to us, they’re not eager to come to terms with their shockingly new situation.


So used to setting the rules, the laws, themselves, they’ve thus far refused to allow anyone else to corral them, to place limits on them. They’re taking quite a while to recognize that they’re trapped — actually being brought to heel by races whom they’ve seen as inferior, down through the ages.

When you’re that used to power, having as your only competitors others of your own race, it’s a bitter pill to swallow that any others could have a say in your options. Talk about a serious habit-pattern & belief system!


There is an arrogance among some of the races who’ve chosen to walk the dark path that is unimaginable to humanity. Unless you’ve interacted with them, yourself, no words can convey this. It’s beyond describing, so shocking, so overwhelming to encounter.

What it amounts to is that they are 1000% closed to you & anything you have to say. You are so far beneath their notice as to be considered an object, a play-thing, if they like — sometimes even a meal. Humans being so far beneath their notice, they have zero interest in any direct interactions.

That being the case — & remember, this is their past, not their present — the only way to engage them is to be useful. If they see some potential advantage, they might engage. They’d pay attention to that advantage though — not you, who are lower than low, an “untouchable,” not being one of them.

Heck, they won’t even allow their own offspring, born on other planets, to set foot on Niburu. The half-breeds are not pure enough. So even their own children are treated poorly, the caste system at work. (They are also the origin of our caste systems.)


I was once in the presence of a being who, though invisible to human sight, was clearly present & also clearly not human. The contrast between my being & its/his was stunning. It passed itself off as Pleiadian.

I don’t know that I could stand or have a thought of my own in the presence of a pure-blooded Anunaki. They completely co-opt your free will & thinking process, quite taking over both mind & body — per Corey Goode, via 2 direct encounters. (He refused further contact.)

The being I encountered was passing itself off as a Light Being, else I wouldn’t have invited the interaction. Such beings are powerfully telepathic, so you’ll have no doubt that you’re telepathic, as well, in their presence.

So how did I discover that it wasn’t actually a being of Light? Or how do you tell if an angelic being at the foot of your bed is really an angel? As we were sharing back & forth, it telepathed something that bothered me.

When I challenged it, oh my, it erupted in highly arrogant anger — not in words, but in the energy it radiated. It was clearly not pleased! Thus, its mask fell away, its true nature revealed.

I have since learned the wisdom of challenging any being that presents itself. The good guys won’t be bothered, but the dark ones are shocked, giving you that peek behind whatever “appearance” they present. Their arrogance is truly their downfall.


Many of us were once from far higher dimensions; advanced races, ourselves. Humanity’s current ideas around time & space, around science — even around just Who we are — are ridiculously primitive to the Anunaki. They genetically engineer races to be less-than, to be unable to deal with them on any terms but their own. Thus, our current appearance in 3D, joining with many star races to bring the end-game to the Anunaki.

One shining light in this whole situation is that the Anunaki are limited to the lower dimensions. Those among humanity who are willing, who desire to rise/return in consciousness & vibration, are now headed into 4D, 5D, & beyond. We’re very close, actually. Anunaki ways, their energies are quite antithetical to those rarefied realms. I doubt that they have access beyond the lower areas of 5D, perhaps being strictly limited to 3D & 4D — I don’t know.


Meanwhile, back at the farm…back to the current options available to the Anunaki with whom we’re dealing, both on-planet & in their mini star system presently making its crossing through our solar system. Over time these beings’ activities have so limited their options as to quite box them in, thank Source/God! Finally, oh finally, they’re reaping the comeuppance they so richly earned.

Live or die — shift allegiance to Light & begin walking that road, or cease to exist — these may be the only options the ones on/in earth currently have. There may be some form of imprisonment also available, where they could mull over those choices, as well — of course I don’t know. One way or another, they’ve brought this about by their grossly predatory ways.


Thinking no one could contain or control them, they’ve literally wreaked havoc, & not only in this Universe (which I’ll call Universe A). They suddenly appeared here, on being ousted from another one (Universe B) where their predatory ways were no longer welcome. This comes from the 5D race of Andromedans who interact directly with Alex Collier. They tell us that those in the other Universe offered them a whole universe of their own — ours — just to get rid of them.

It is interesting to contemplate the karma those in the other universe made by dumping these jerks here. Still, it is good to know that they, too, now have a presence just outside of our solar system, & for a good purpose. They await the outplaying of current events, the final end of the Anunaki reign now approaching. While they won’t be dealing with all of them, they are here to take those among the ruling class currently trapped & awaiting their fate.


Rather than wasting time judging or condemning those from Universe B, let us recognize that the overall outcome of the Anunaki presence in our Universe has helped us. How? There is no way we’d have advanced as much & as fast as we have, absent this very dark presence in our midst. It has all but forced us into an accelerated growth & development, to rise up & meet the challenge.

This doesn’t make sense to those who don’t fully realize what it means to be in a Free-Will Universe. Source doesn’t interfere in anything, allowing Its Creation to make their own choices. While ever-Present & accessible, Source let’s the chips fall where they may, knowing full well that all will return Home to Oneness at some point.

We go out from that Oneness to adventure into Source’s Creation, never losing our essence, our Presence with/in/as That — as Source. Those who identify as Source-in-form, as Light Beings, know this as a fait accompli — a done deal.

This knowing is available through Higher Self, Who is quite unlimited by time/space. We have so much to which to awaken, friends. It’s quite shocking to our outer persona, the body-mind complex with which many still identify. It has no access to such awareness — but We do.

Thus, it could be said that we’re in the “final days,” going through what was hinted at in various scriptures, including the Christian bible. Though these texts are hugely edited & watered-down from the original writings, the end-times judgment remains. This is laughably far from the broader truth of what’s happening & how. There is no wrathful God, deciding our fate, but rather Source & a Free-Will Universe, with us in the midst, making choices.

Who will choose to go Home, to keep rising in consciousness? Who will choose to remain in 3D for further adventures? Source leaves that quite up to us. Right now there are millions who have chosen to make themselves present, to help this process along. We are the Light Beings, some of us more aware of our status than others. That doesn’t matter.


Just as the sun shines on the just & the unjust alike — impartially — we are what we are, regardless of our current beliefs & opinions around that. Those moving firmly into awakening will get this — to the others, I have no words to explain.

It takes an openness, fruit of much letting-go of the BS of old belief systems. As long as mind, with its BS, rules, then the door is not open. It’s a Heart-to-Heart conveyance — all the words in the world wouldn’t be able to convey the message.

We’re all well & truly in charge of the self/Self, including the Anunaki. Yet it can be seen that we can ultimately trap ourselves by consistent negative behavior, so limiting our choices as to be facing what amounts to our doom. This, the current bunch of Anunaki have done — that’s where they now stand. It will be more than interesting to watch it all play out.

What part will you play? Uh-oh — by that turn in the writing, I get the hint that this may be published. Up until now, I was just exploring possibilities in this journal. Oh well — it doesn’t matter. It just is what it is. It doesn’t matter to me that some will think me quite deranged. That’s their perspective, to which they’re welcome. We’re all in process of creating our own reality.


So, what part will you play? Will you allow the abject craziness of some during these times to give you a boost into awakening — into your own higher consciousness? No one is forcing anything on us, friends — we’re doing this all to ourselves, just like the Anunaki. By our choices we select our route through the chaos. No one is in charge of us, no one controls us — we are Free-Will Beings, who will act like free-will beings for as long as that’s our choice. Do you see?

Don’t think you haven’t ever known any of the Anunaki, BTW, as you likely have. Not in this life, where they hide their presence via the devastation they brought to our original DNA. We were once well able to see them.

They have long walked planet earth — both the surface & the interior — during the periods of the crossing of their system through ours. Our whole fascination with both gold & gems originates with them, using humans (& others) to mine such substances for their use.

Thus, most or even all of us have encountered these beings, before — in other times, other incarnations. Corey Goode is the only living human of whom I’m aware that’s actually had physical contact with them in this life. Not that we’d want to encounter them in this life — not in their current, stubbornly rebellious & dark, powerful state.


Just be happy that you’re not them, friends — facing their current stark choices, self-crafted via their rebellion against Light. (No, they’re not the fallen angels.) Celebrate the choices you have — your choice to stick with your adventures in 3D, or to move on, if you like, into higher dimensions.

Can you see the beauty behind the scenes in the current chaos? Can you see how it’s giving us the hand-up that’s disguised as the kick in the rear midst this chaos? I can — & I rejoice. Hell yeah, it’s challenging — you bet! But so what?! We’re up to it, dear Family of Light — Family of Humanity with the precious, priceless gift of Free Will.

There is no judgment, friends — no wrathful, vengeful God with any power over us. Nor is there any savior of any kind coming to rescue us, those who don’t require any rescuer outside of our own innate Being — that Self that we are, as Source-in-form. Granted, it’s a bit tricky, navigating our way out of the Matrix of our BS belief systems — yet that’s the task set before us. Are you game?


1:13 am, Sunday 2017/02/19, Mayan day 3 Earth/Caban



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