Are We Lost, or Actually Finding OurSelves?

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

While most would agree that humanity is under heavy manipulation, I doubt most people feel lost. Let’s not follow the lost ones down their path. Let’s stand back to take the deeper view available to Heart, to the Source-in-form Self.

People kill one another for some pretty crazy reasons, too unreasonable to be “reasons,” so let’s call them excuses. I just read about a group of misogynists, men congregating on 4 chan who apparently inspired the latest van-mowing-down-pedestrians attack in Toronto. God’s blessings to all the wounded & dead, as well as their dear ones.

After Toronto attack, online misogynists praise suspect as ‘new saint. ’ The killer’s inspiration? These men feel that, because they’re not “good looking enough,” they’re forced into celibacy — therefore, women should die. I kid you not.

If they’re killing women, how will that reduce celibacy??

Let’s not go too far down such rabbit holes, friends; not good for our mental/emotional health. Besides which, such craziness often arises from going waaayy too far down whatever rabbit hole. To stand back & view the bigger picture increases clarity, helping us shift our perspective.


Secret of Freedom —

Besides, the cabal wants to deny us clarity, the big pic & truth about anything, so I’m just oppositional enough to enjoy going there. From the cabal perspective, what do such killing sprees offer? The divide-&-conquer gambit is always present, but what other purpose(s) do these misguided killers/killings serve?

Have you noticed the cabal mucking about in the gender arena — say, for the last century or so? What could they be shooting for, there?

They clearly set out to destroy the nuclear family — the fundamental building block of every society. We’d have to be blind to say they haven’t accomplished that goal. Not just in our homes, our family units, but even within ourselves, our society is gender-lost or confused — by design.

Why? What’s the point? Not to say that I know, for I don’t, but the results are a cornucopia of hints. If you want to control a race of beings, say human beings, you don’t want them strong, whether internally or in their families, their home base & refuge from whatever external storms may arise.

You want them weak & unsure of themselves; much easier to manage, to herd into dysfunctional groups such as this one. You want them in anger & fear, inspiring the same in others. Fearful people are the easiest to control, often willing to surrender rights for safety assurances. Our prime example may be The Patriot Act.

Thank God we’re waking up to this BS, so what more can we see in these killing sprees? Can we see danger in just walking along the sidewalk, shopping or going to lunch? How deeply can the cabal insert fear into the human psyche? It’s also interesting to note that they want us turning to them, to “those in charge” for answers. Hmmm…

We’re finally at the point where we no longer trust them.

We can pat ourselves on the back for that progress toward awakening. They’ve long used the MSM “news” to invade our awareness with fear porn. Hey, it worked, helping increase our anxiety back when we still trusted them. There are more great things happening around the world than negative ones, but they refuse to change their Mockingbird-style reporting.

The fearful ones are actually the cabal, in meltdown-mode since Hillary lost. Their worst fears come to pass as their filthiest sins come to light — things they can’t stand being exposed. They’re terrified, quivering in their boots! (The latest drop is the rest of the Page-Strzok emails — kaBOOM. 💥)

Evil requires darkness to survive.

Our prior trust provided the necessary cover for despicable plots. The American public have long allowed amazing levels of evil to thrive in various secret programs, for which we’re now paying the price. A nation of skeptics remain safer than a nation of trusting citizen-sheep, too otherwise occupied to notice the encroaching culture of corruption.

Freedom is a two-edged sword, well able to cut into us when not properly respected & deployed.

The good news? The greatest danger has passed. On withdrawing our blind trust, we enabled ourselves to see the previously hidden dangers. We’re now doing something about them, which is great. Is it enough? Of course, not, but that’s okay, now that we’re alert, watchmen & women on the walls of our Constitutional Republic.

Even the word “democracy” was used against us, luring us into sleep. One person, one vote sounds great, until you spot the danger of (manipulated) mob rule. No true & honorable government can long stand when its citizens go to sleep, don’t stand guard to defend true liberty, equally applied to all.

“Equality of outcomes” makes a farce of equality, which is equality of application, of opportunity. We are different; we must be so. This is yet another backward, perverted ruination of an original Truth. A government who applies the laws & penalties differently to themselves is not & cannot be a government of, by, & for the people, but only a sick perversion of that.


A big part of the cabal take-over involved corrupting the voting process, worldwide. When the machines count your vote as 80% & others’ as 150%, you’re pretty well screwed until you uncover & correct it. This is but one way among many employed by the Deep State to maintain their power.

Many view waking up to these dark cabal shenanigans as unfortunate, as sad, but is it, really? It’s hugely to our advantage to finally shine light on the many nefarious ways our society was perverted & almost completely corrupted. Because Heart cannot be touched, much less compromised, theirs was never a winning game.

It thrived so long because we refused to look, we were untilling to really see.

I’m leaving that “typo,” (“untilling” for “unwilling,”) as such things are not accidental. They shine a light on something valuable when we’re willing to look. Freedom’s fields must be tilled in order to reap the desired harvest. We weren’t doing that. Let the wise & wary take heed, always looking within.

Our issues, whatever they are, are NOT out there, in the world.

Creation takes place in consciousness, the outer world being our harvest, our results. That which needs changing is ever & always within. The usefulness of the world is to point the way, to show us both our victories & our mistakes, things which cry out for correction.

Abraham-Hicks often says things best, so here is today’s Daily Quote:


“Illness or pain is just an extension of negative emotion. When you are no longer feeling any resistance to it, it’s a non-issue.”

Excerpted from San Rafael, CA on 8/3/02

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

The crop of Freedom we grow is within us, first, as it must be to manifest “out there,” in the world. Trying to resolve our inner challenges by mowing down pedestrians is to have this whole thing seriously backward in a number of ways, the most obvious of which is to lower the number of women with whom these lost men might connect.

Tyranny’s way is to kill those who resist it; historical fact. To do this successfully requires disarming the public — something else they’re working hard to accomplish. Remove guns & people kill with knives, with cars, etc. We see these plots in action only when we’re sufficiently skeptical.

Since being too trusting effectively blinds us, they misuse language, giving their evil doings the cover of uplifting titles, e.g., The Patriot Act. Be careful at the ballot box, trusting none of the language used to title or summarize the various proposals. No more undeserved trust!

Humanity is at a stage where, if we don’t remove our trust-blinders, things won’t go well for us. Because the depths of evil now on display are so shocking, we don’t want to see. True freedom requires that we see this; how else correct it?

You can’t fix what you don’t know is wrong, well d’uh.


We’re in dangerous waters, dear friends. When we go too far down whatever rabbit hole, into whatever topic, we risk losing balance, perhaps becoming depressed or angry, which helps nothing. That’s yet another win for the cabal, albeit small, but such things, repeated, bring more of us down.

It’s a time to be awake, yes, to quit any sort of blanket trust, but our most vital mission is… to feel good! Do you want to defeat the cabal, once & for all? Find your way into good cheer, into solid mental/emotional health.


We weren’t taught to love ourselves, nor even to trust ourselves. Heck, we weren’t even told we have/are a Source-in-form Self! While this is no weapon to us, to the cabal it’s worse than any nuclear device, making us effectively untouchable, unreachable by their devious means.

There’s nothing they fear more than an awakened, Source-in-form-aware populace.


Our ultimate Power Play is waking up to Who we are, putting That One in charge of our life. No weapons of any kind can succeed against that. Clearly, it’s much easier said than done, but what’s life all about, anyway?

Doesn’t that sum it up, nicely, the worthy life?

Nothing is what we thought it was, things don’t mean what we were taught they meant, but that’s because we allowed ourselves to be deceived. That won’t happen, again; we’ve got what it takes if we march ahead knowing the vital primacy of enjoyment to Life.

Let us Love ourselves through the seeming mess that arises as we mend our old ways. Our new Heart-perspective will drastically alter the view. As Abraham-Hicks indicates, even our misery, our illness cannot long stand in the presence of inner flow & quiet peace.

Resistance is not just futile, it actually feeds whatever we resist, making it persist.

There are better ways, & Source always knows best. Let’s rise up to own, to finally be our Source-in-form Self. Nothing outside of us has even the least bit of power over it. Let’s really get this, that consciousness creates!!



11:33 am, Wednesday, 2018/04/25, 1st — Mayan da4 Dog / Oc



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness