A Whole Nother Perspective

While it’s pretty clear that we, as humanity, have become such simpletons — so easily led & misled — it’s also true that waking-up time is here. Many of us are stepping up out of the daze, looking around, as it were for the first time, at the wild crazy reality we’ve been duped into creating.

This is so not like anything we’ve been told or taught, this Matrix in which we’ve chosen to live, all unknown to our conscious self. We just didn’t know — or rather, didn’t remember — that WE are the source of creative power that’s fashioning things as they are.

While the reality seems quite a mess — & it is — there’s equal good news in discovering this mess, i.e., if we’ve got the power to create it, we’ve also got the power to uncreate it.

That’s happening, now & has been slowly accelerating for several decades. There’s no more “slow acceleration” about it, though — it’s getting intense. While some among the sleeple begin to awaken, many of us are well ahead of them on that trajectory.


I don’t care for names like star seeds, indigo or crystal children — that sort of thing. Labels just separate us. Labels refer to the outside of things, not to what they actually are. To me, we’re all just Light Beings — not Light Workers, either, for there’s no work in being what you are.

Besides, awakening is all about being — not just finding & connecting with our Inner Being, for that makes us two: me, recognizing my Inner Being. Being is one.

Life in the Matrix is hard work. Let’s get past what we seem to be — what we, via mind, now take ourselves to be. Remembering how to Be is much more a thing of Heart than of head.

The mind is all about doing, about “working” toward or for something. I don’t find that in Heart, where stillness reigns. Then too, labels tend to separate us from one another — as if we were somehow different. We are the family of humanity — & in that I include all humans across the galaxy, the universe, & beyond. (It seems that most ETs take a human or humanoid [upright bipedal] form.)

We are one. Though we’ve all heard that, likely many times before, for most it hasn’t penetrated beyond mind — into direct experience. This is not meant philosophically or esoterically here, but quite literally. Humanity is one, & so is all that is.

As we find our way into Heart, we step ever closer to our union — into recognition that all of Life mirrors us back to ourself — ultimately IS ourself. To the mind, this is quite strange, but it’s native territory to Heart.


We’ll find (or recover) our sanity, as well, for though most would say they’re “in their right mind” or haven’t lost their mind, look around. What do you see, overall? Has humanity not basically lost its mind? Why are we destroying both our world & ourselves? What’s with that? If we’re in our “right mind,” then I’d say it’s high time to question that mind — the state it’s in, to have brought about & accepted this current Matrix “reality.”

There’s nothing sane about it. Rather, it shows evidence of people either being somehow hypnotized or basically sleep-walking. Once anyone enters Heart they would never consent to participate in the craziness now forming our everyday reality.

We’re in a powerless state, & there’s nothing real about that. As Source-in-form — literally — we have tremendous power in every way. Yet we’ve been somehow entranced to believe otherwise. Beliefs are far more powerful than we realize. A big part of waking-up is simply taking our power back, bit by bit, as we recognize where we’ve lost/tossed it.


The thing perhaps most in the way? We’re embedded in the victim consciousness. Everyone is quick to point the finger of blame over whatever topic arises — to point anywhere but at self. Not that I’m suggesting self-blame is useful, but it’s at least getting closer to taking our power back than blaming others — blaming society, finances, parents, education — blaming anything.

The whole blame-game is a mind thing & a victim thing. It’s a fundamentally flawed premise from which nothing useful can ever arise — a total waste of time & energy. As long as we stick with mind’s perspectives we’re going nowhere fast. It’s truly time to take a whole nother perspective on everything — to find our way into Heart —a whole new way of perceiving.


Most are totally lost when first confronted with this idea. We’re all programmed to not only exist within mind, but also to actually identify with it. That’s what lies behind being upset when anyone challenges our idea — unable to view it impartially as just an idea, we take it as a challenge to our very being.

We’ve lost our direct-connect to soul, to Heart. From Heart, we see & experience everything as vastly different from mind’s perspective(s). Yet we must experience it — things like this don’t translate well into words. Why not? Words are linear — very 3D . Heart is well beyond that, not at all limited to our 3D perspective & experience.

We’re actually multidimensional — & more. Being “Source-in-form” is no small thing. It basically means we are (one with) god, but let’s not go there, now — not until we find & claw our way at least partially out of the limiting bag we call mind.

Mind was meant to be a tool, useful in the hand of soul or Heart, certainly not meant to run things. Mind took the bit between its teeth & has run the show ever since — apparently for many thousands of years. Only in recent decades is humanity coming out of this funk, this daze — this insane trust in mind.


Many believe “enlightenment” is something that happens to mind. We believe that the mind or body-mind is who & what we are. It’s like saying I am the car that I drive or the clothing that I wear — it’s a pretty good analogy, yet somehow we don’t see it — because we’re so immersed in it.

What’s the next step if we want to experience Heart? Perceptual change. It’s time to slow down, focus in the central chest, & just chill out — frequently. It’s time to at least recognize the current mess — to begin to acknowledge it — & give-up feeling so powerless.

We are NOT powerless beings — it’s just a myth. But don’t tell mind that, for it takes that power back unto itself — & that won’t work. Mind cannot take us into awakening.


No, this a whole nother experience. This is totally, radically different from how you experience going through your regular day while focused in/as mind (or body-mind). This being-in-Heart thing is all about feeling, about sensing — very little thought is required — & thought is used differently.

Thought once again becomes a tool, rather than a whole way of being. Rather than allowing mind to be in charge of you, you begin to take charge over mind. It’s a radical shift!

This doesn’t happen overnight. We didn’t get this way overnight, & getting out of it has far more to do with perception— how we view things, seeing through things — than it does with thinking or doing. We all have Belief Systems (BS) on board that are far less than useful — they’re counter-productive in the worst ways. The only thing blocking us is the self, is the BS we have on board.

Yet, until we get some distance from the whole mess we just don’t see it like that. We don’t access our true Power. We don’t see the forest for the trees. This is where a whole lot of stepping-back & chilling-out comes into play. It’s actually rather enjoyable — in-joy-able — once we get into the swing of things.


It often starts with a major attitude change. Your attitudes to simply everything will eventually shift, but the first shift is & must be all about you — who & what you are. Are you mind — or body — or mind-body? Or are you the Spirit, the soul or divine being that is using that mind & body to have a 3D experience?

Whether you know it or not doesn’t matter — but since you are Source-in-form, like it or not, you’re far more powerful than you ever dreamed you could be. That being the case, simply every thought you think counts — it actually creates — though not in ways any mind can comprehend.

Mind will not be your best bud during this whole process, for it amounts to dethroning mind from the seat of power in your life. You can bet mind will heartily object — frequently, vociferously, & in every way possible. Mind is frankly frightened.

So, if you’re not determined, I’d suggest putting this down to go read something else. No sense being a dilettante. Sure, it’s fine to explore — to test the waters — but to really go for it takes both courage & grit — determination. Sissies & wimps need not apply, for that’s the aspect of you that must die, phoenix-like, as You rise from the ashes. It’s not who you are.


It’s clear that one top thing to tackle is any attitude of powerlessness — of believing you’re ‘less-than’ or somehow insufficient. You are not! As Source-in-form, how could you be? It’s quite an interesting journey. You’ll die several deaths along the way, likely encountering a Dark Night of the Soul or three—but as Source-in-form, you’re more than up to it.

How is that for a new way to look at yourself? We have powerful BS (belief systems) on board we need to challenge at every turn. As we step back, dis-identifying from mind, both seeing our BS & seeing through it gets easier. That’s weeding your belief garden, by the way — pulling those old, useless, toxic beliefs out by the roots, tossing them on the bonfire of Heart, where they instantly fry to a crisp & go up in the divine smoke of awakening.

Are you game? If you are, then try this on — you don’t even know who you are — so when you say “I” let’s bring some mystery back into that. Time to quit believing you know — since you aren’t yet fully acquainted with “You.” All of your BS (belief systems) will eventually fail, just fall away. Let’s start with the belief in who you think you are. It’s the most powerful place to begin.


1:13 am, Sunday 2017/02/19, Mayan day 4 Imix/Crocodile



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness