A Servant, Not a Master

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“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

Things are ever changing, of course, but recently so radically — both within & without, wherever you want to look. Those still functioning largely from the mind perspective(s) are likely noticing the internal changes less, being more focused on what they perceive to be “reality” — the external world, that supposedly solid stuff called matter.

What I’m finally able to see is how we got it backwards, somehow. Mind is meant to be a servant, rather than a master. Are you open to shifting perspectives, to being more flexible about such things? It’s a great deal of fun, at least that’s how I’m experiencing it. What a wild ride!


It’s really great that things reveal themselves in layers, not dumping everything on us, all at once. That would be unendurable, at least for the mind — so we get to take each step as we’re ready for it — as we choose to align, using our power of free will.

Thus, no one gets more than they can handle. I know — doesn’t look that way, at times. People have all sorts of melt-downs. Still, it’s what the Inner Being, the soul that we are, can handle; though it may temporarily fry aspects of mind.

Nor is it even “aspects of mind” being fried — it’s our attachment to that, to our chosen perspective, our way of seeing things, that sometimes gets broken. Even that comes to us based on our inner readiness to take that particular ride.

Mind has all sorts of opinions to the contrary, perhaps — but that’s okay, too — helping us break the addiction, the tendency to identify with mind. It’s just NOT who we are.

Where are you on this leg of the journey? Are you still pretty thoroughly mind-based? I suspect not, or you wouldn’t be reading this ;) The more steps we take to exit mind, in favor of entering Heart, the more beautiful is the scene laid out before us. Heart just “gets” so many things to which mind doesn’t have access — nor will it, ever. Wrong tool for the job, you could say.


Mind doesn’t take us into awakening, friends — it’s just along for the ride. While this is a tough nut to crack, initially, it gets easier, smoother, with each step into Heart we choose to take. It’s such a big contrast, such a big gap, between mind, ever focused on externals, & Heart-realization that

there is nothing external at all

Yeah, comes as a major shock to any mind — at first — at the point where mind is still the master in/of our life.

We put all of our efforts into educating, informing, refining mind & its abilities — thinking we’re on the right track. Whereas, from Heart it becomes clear that it’s mind doing that thinking — but, of course, & lol.

OMG, the laughter that ensues, the deeper into Heart we “go.” We’re not actually going anywhere, of course — we’re obviously already there. Yet, until we self-realize that, it remains “someplace” we’ve got to “go.”

Are you beginning to see this gap of which I speak? Is it laying itself out for you, yet? If not, my suggestion would be to become more the Observer, less the Thinker. It’s truly mind & thought that get in the way — nothing else.

While on the one hand, that may be somewhat frustrating — since you’d prefer to already be “there” — on the other hand, it’s a real gift. Why? Because it puts you firmly in control.


But then — just who are you? Most don’t actually yet know. Oh sure, they think they do, even believe they do — but that’s due to being stuck as the Thinker, still. Do you see? We don’t resolve any problem/issue by remaining on the same level with it. That leaves us stuck in the trees, quite unable to sufficiently back away to see the forest for what it is — a forest.

That’s what becoming mind’s Observer is all about — stepping out (of mind), so that we can at least begin to see that there’s a big gap.

Have you considered that this may be why people can’t seem to hear you, at times? If you’re seeing deeply enough into it — witnessing this gap — then you’ll realize that they just can’t — not from their current perspective. Nor is there actually anything you can do to escort them into your view, your perspective. Until they do some internal work on themselves, they remain stuck where they are.


This is where respect comes in — a willingness to respect free will, both ours & everyone else’s choices. It’s not up to anyone to make choices for anyone else — do you see? It becomes really clear, from Observer mode, so if it isn’t just yet, then there’s that to which to look forward. New Clarity is on the horizon for us, & it’s all about the choices we make in each NowHere moment.

Further, the deeper our journey into Heart, the deeper becomes this respect — morphing into Respect. Our true nature, the source of our identity, is actually divine. No mind will ever go there, but that’s not stopping us — Who we truly are, as Source-in-form. We actually self-recognize at some point as liquid Love; something so far beyond any human (mental or emotional) concept of love as to be completely other.


Clearly, we’ve got some shifting to do, right? Well, yes & no. Yes, of course — we want to move on, we want to awaken to these deeper, vaster, greater possibilities. And yet — as long as we’re in “do-er” mode, we’re not with the program, so to speak. Mind is all about doing, about accomplishing, about growing, morphing, etc. That’s not Heart, friends — not Heart’s way.

So what do we “do?” We get the heck out of our own way. For me, the road was moving first from Thinker to Observer — which helped a great deal. That’s when we begin to step out of the midst of the trees, begin to realize that there’s a broader vista, up ahead — & that it’s accessible.


Then again, that’s eventually seen as but the first steps along the Heart trek. Mind cannot observe itself, friends, any more than the eye can see itself. The eye is so convinced that it’s the locus, the focal point of vision, but that eye is wired-up to the brain, which is doing the actual seeing.

We don’t need to get down into that, but perhaps you realize that every eye sees things upside-down? It’s the brain that performs the flip, so we can navigate our (seemingly) external “reality.”

Introspection — Blogspot.com

Oh, what a journey this is! Perhaps that’s not seen until we at least begin to exit Thinker mode — I no longer recall. Memory is something that goes rather wonky at certain stages. You’ll know how well you’re doing when you begin to notice that you just don’t care — you’re not attached, not stressed at being unable to recall whatever it is. Just one of the fruits of being the Observer.

At first it feels really strange — this “not caring” being so uncharacteristic of who you thought you were. Yet, you’re calm — just the witness as it transpires. There’s no real understanding present at this stage — just bare, naked Observing. You’ll continually note how strange things are, in ways you never before noticed. Nor will there likely be many able to understand, if you share any of it.


That may be the next thing to drop away, to just go — concern about what other people think, what they have to say. More & more, you realize that they’re just not where you are, not in a space where they can even see you, so it seems. You’ll witness their beliefs at work, their firm conviction that they’re right & you’re wrong.

If you’re wise, you’ll just smile & move on, not wasting time with explanations — trying to bridge the vast gap you begin to perceive.

Slowly — hopefully without too much pushing on your (mind’s) part — you begin to see just how much control you’d ceded to your mind. Until we find Heart & enter there, this just isn’t seen. Mind considers the “way things are” to be quite normal. Those stuck relying on mind become seekers, looking ever to externals, be they things, accomplishments, or people, to find their way out.


Though that’s not the way — & you know it — being still so stuck in mind, they just cannot hear you. It’s not a mind message you’re offering, but as they’re in mind — well, there’s that gap, again. Once you reach a certain point, you begin to spot the gap, simply everywhere — in pretty much everyone. It’s an amazing spot to occupy — betwixt & between, half in & half out.

Now — to the extent that you (stick with mind &) keep trying to reach out to folks, to “help them understand,” to see from a new perspective — you’re just spinning your wheels. There’s no harm in this, of course. Likely everyone goes through this, just to prove this gap to themselves. Until it’s fully recognized — eventually just accepted as “what is” — we try — not recognizing that this remains an activity of mind.

That’s quite okay, though. Eventually, we recognize that it’s all good — everything is okay, just the way that it is. That’s a bit further down the road, but we’ll all get there, at our own pace, in our own way.


Along the way, what we realize is that we’re the only thing, the only one over whom we have any authority. Not while we’re in mind, mind you, lol — oh, no. Then mind is still driving the car, captaining the ship — our master, rather than the servant it was well & truly meant to be.

Every point of peace & understanding, we find, arises as we occupy Heart “space.” There are no adequate words for this, friends, so just take them as the pointers they are, for that’s all words can ever be. Mind won’t take you “there,” & neither will words. They just shine a light on the path, so to speak ;)

Bottom line? Go within. Meet you there. ☼


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