A New Look at Free Will -

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

these journals become chapters in a book, they may change slightly, going forward — IDK. As things stand now, this one is Chapter Six, though that shouldn’t really change anything. Hey, I’m reading the thing, right along with you, LOL. If you think I know what I’m doing — well, that would be both correct, but also incorrect. It all hangs on our definition of the “I, doesn’t it?”


For me (as for many), the “I” is merging with Higher Self, who does the writing here, more & more — always, as I manage to align with it. The mind (lesser self, outer self, or ego) is an old “I” with which I no longer identify — which doesn’t mean it no longer exists, lol. We’re always finding hidden elements of that as we clear out old beliefs.

It seems like another lifetime, though, when I last saw myself as that, last allowed that to run the show, here. I hope it’s happening that way for you, too. It’s ever & always about choice, friends — that elusive item we call free will. Some say that doesn’t even exist, yet for me it’s still totally real, so that’s where I am on this journey. “No free will” is a perspective I’ve yet to experience.

Sure, there are many things in life over we have precious little control. If there’s a volcano erupting, a hurricane wreaking havoc somewhere, we seem to have no control over that — which is not precisely true, for we do have an influence, especially when we join together with a common intent, a common “prayer.”

While we may not be able to stop it — yet — we may well steer or moderate it — it all depends on so many things, the common denominator being that we’re Source-in-form. It’s all about our alignment with That — our current journey — & recognizing Self as Creator (& co-Creator with others) of all we experience.


Let’s start with some basics, though, & realize — re-member — that no matter what’s happening, it’s both what we’ve jointly created, & it’s for our overall benefit. For most of humanity, our vision is limited — unless we’ve merged with Heart & Higher Self — yet even that depends on the extent of the merger. So let’s center, step into Heart, & have a look from there.

This is not accessible to mind, so those in mind won’t be able to go where we’re going, here. If that’s currently you, just know that Heart perspective is so vastly different from that of mind, yet it’s ever Present & accessible. It just takes applying yourself to the awakening process for as long as it takes to no longer allow mind to play the dominant role in your life.

An easy way to “take your temperature,” test your state of awareness, is to spot your locus in time — whether NowHere — or not. We enter Observer Mode.


As we go within, what do we see? Let’s take a look at Hurricane Harvey, as a for-instance. Do you recall the original forecasts — how it was to remain in full force over roughly the same area of Texas for many days? Did it do that? I wonder why not — well, really, I don’t. The prayerful intent of many both helped moderate the storm & get it moving more quickly than any predictions.

Rather than looking at what group consciousness can achieve, let’s bring it back into what we, as the self/Self, can see & accomplish. It’s critical, at this point, to recognize — per Chapter 5 — Who Hears? Who Speaks? — that there is generally more than one “I,” one perspective available at any point in time/space.

Right now on the world scene most still identify with the mind, the body, much more so than with soul or Inner Being — Higher Self. Thus, they think they can die. The abilities resident in self, vs Self, are hugely divergent. Identifying with mind locks us into ego, into the abilities resident in the smaller self. Those don’t move hurricanes or re-route lava flows.


As Source-in-form, we have abilities native to Higher Self that most have not yet imagined, much less owned. It’s a whole new world in every way that we enter when taking up residence in Heart — point of entry into That. We may as well be two separate individuals, the contrast between them being so vast as to be unimaginable to anyone’s mind, including my own.

Perhaps the biggest missing piece of this puzzle is that we — our true identity —are the actual creator of all of this. More on that later, in the next chapter (How WE Create Reality — Chapter 7).

Yet, having had the benefit of walking this path for a time, I have experienced both ways of being, as many have— though not all who desire that. In today’s societies we’re not taught the best way into the Inner Kingdom — or that it even exists — so we flounder, for a time, on this journey.

It’s rather funny that the main impediment may well be that we make it too complex, setting the bar far too high. We may feel we have to somehow “earn” our way in, or that we’re not worthy. This all comes of still being resident within mind, generator of that very complexity — when it’s actually quite simple.

Not that it’s an easy trek — it is not — yet it’s nowhere near as challenging as mind would have us believe. What underlies most of the challenging phase is mind’s dire fear of being deposed — & it will be. Mind seems to sense this, so it does all it can to put off that day when it no longer runs the show in our life.

Yet there’s a beauty here, too, which is that once something is seen, it’s greatly simplified, sometimes entirely defeated. Seeing is truly freeing, defanging whatever perceived foe. Once we realize what mind is up to, spot its antics, they’re never so successful, again. Nice to know.


Yet this is also quite different from seeing through something mentally. Yes, it can help to understand, to see through something mentally — but that’s not what is happening here. We’re in process of entering Heart, getting more comfortable shifting perspectives this way.

Heart’s perspective on simply everything is entirely different from that of mind. Remember, mind can only know about things, whereas Heart is one with/as all things. Heart experiences them differently, hugely differently. Just as the map is not the territory — nothing like it, merely a 2D representation — that does a good job of describing mind, compared to Heart fully being the territory.

These writings are not something to rush through, trying to reach the end. That would be mind’s way, of course, but it would also deny you the depth of experience possible on this trek. Let us ever remember — keep in mind, LOL — that our mind can only & ever know about things. It has no capacity for the direct experience available to us all via Heart. We can either read about this journey without actually taking it — or take the time to align with our Inner Being, who is indeed, taking the trek.

Humanity — based on our training, & indeed, our programming — have the bad habit of settling for second best, being content to only know about things, not the things in themselves. Mind likes to think it knows something that it’s read, or even studied, but that doesn’t wash with matters of soul, of Higher Self, which wants to be known, not just known about. Do you see?


Why shouldn’t you have the whole enchilada, rather than settling for the chapati in which it’s wrapped? Just because so far you may have only had only fleeting experiences of being in Heart doesn’t mean you can’t choose to live from that vastly different “space,” for lack of a better word. Heart is ever Present & available — it is mind who isn’t present to That. Thus, to the extent we choose to remain mind-centric, we choose the lesser way.

We don’t yet realize that every bit of suffering we endure arises from our choice of that lesser way. It’s a shocking concept to encounter, yes, I know — I was just as shocked in my day, when it was new to me. Mind just doesn’t have the capacity to realize what’s possible — how different our life could be, in the presence of different choices.


Thus, it’s a process, seldom an instantaneous realization, although that’s possible, too. We learn to release our grasp, our tight hold on what we believe is possible & impossible. All of the old mind-sets have to go, somewhere along the way, or we don’t find our way fully into this vaster perspective on simply everything.

We can start by holding all perceived limitations with a lighter grip, finding a new openness that, though at first seems frightening, eventually becomes such a relief. Just imagine what it’s like to believe that literally anything is truly possible — even if we’ve no clue of how, why, or when. Source is unlimited. The sooner we choose to self-identify as Source-in-form, the sooner we begin making this Great Shift.

You’ve heard it said that “One with God [Source] is a majority,” right? That gives the flavor of what we’re discussing, here. Yes, it seems too good to be true — but can you recognize that as your mind’s response? It doesn’t have to be yours. Again, it’s all about making different choices, a different use of free will. This IS available to you, but not until you fully accept that it is.


The first thing in the way is all of the old Belief Systems, which are eventually seen for the BS they actually are. Mind won’t see them that way, but of course — yet Higher Self does. Just keep remembering that nothing is impossible to Source, then keep identifying with the soul, rather than the body-mind vehicle for That.

Mirror — Amateur Photographer takes stunning snap of an almost full-circle rainbow

Did you know, for instance, that a rainbow — any rainbow — would make a full circle, does make a full circle, given the right conditions? So many things mind thinks it knows, LOL.


The journey of a thousand miles ever begins with the first step, the only step we can take. It’s ever & again the first step — always will be — for all anyone ever has is the NowHere moment. Past & future are creatures of mind.

Kalachakra Mandala — Creation & Destruction — 7:06

Perhaps the mind’s worst habit is to resist being fully present in the NowHere, as these Tibetan monks demonstrate in the creation of their beautifully precise sand artwork.

Mind loves chasing its tail in the past & the future, never settling down to just be. But You can, by wise use of free will. Mind will rebel, & give you a hell of a time for a season — but if you persist, mind will have no choice but to surrender at some point.

This is the Mastery of Mind period, & it’s not optional. No sane mind ever sat down, threw its proverbial hands up in the air, & surrendered on first being asked to do so. If it did, you might do well to question your sanity. Mind has been strongly programmed to go its own way, in spite of what we want it to do. Perhaps you’ve noticed? I know of no one whose mind hasn’t quite frequently given them a hard time.

The trick here is to quit identifying with & as our mind. As long as we believe it is us who is uncomfortable, angry, sad, or whatever, then that’s how we’ll feel & act. Yet it is entirely possible to withdraw from that drama, eventually to recognize it as mind at work — not soul, not the true Being we actually are.


There will be a point at which this is recognized — this dichotomy will lay itself out & be easy to view. You’ll begin to spot the two in you — soul or Inner Being, & mind, or mind-body. It will suddenly clarify — at which point be aware that you’re identifying, at least partially, with Who you truly are. It’s a victory day, for sure, one I’d recommend that you jot down in a journal.

Why journal that? Because mind will once again encroach on this sacred territory — will once again take back the wheel & drive the car. The brighter side of this is that the times when mind is at the wheel will grow ever shorter, as you persist in your awakening trek. Plus, those times will get easier & easier to spot, thus making them shorter, still. (Hey, stubbornness can sometimes be a winning strategy, after all.)

Now that you’ve recorded the experience in your journal, reading it can bring comfort in those times when mind is once again being stubborn, seeming to push Higher Self aside. That’s truly naught but a seeming, for Higher Self will trump every time It’s given control.

Yet Higher Self is not pushy — not in the least. So you’ll find that you have to align yourself with That — It won’t shove mind to the side. In this, you’re aligning yourself with the divine will — simply making better choices.


Okay, I’m now at a choice-point, myself, for I recognize that this writing is, indeed, different. Being so used to letting flow whatever flows into these journals, I’m not used to the — can’t quite define it, yet — but there’s more of a coherence across time with this writing. It’s actually linking up with what went before, & setting the tone for what’s coming. I guess that’s easy enough to see.

So now I have to choose between halting the regular journal/blog uploads to write the book — or continuing on, as I have been, uploading whatever comes through. I’ll have to sleep on it, to see what inner guidance arises. Meanwhile, I’ll upload this one, & hope for a bit of feedback. I’m not saying that I’ll let any feedback make my choices for me, but I’m interested in what Source might have to say to me that way, not just via this writing.


Believe it or not, friends — no, wait — since our belief controls our life experience, I guess that’s yet another phrase to ditch. Anyway, Source is ever & always “speaking” to each of us — yes, ever & always. If we’re locked into mind mode, that’s when we don’t notice, don’t perceive it, not being sufficiently Present in the NowHere. We believe in “coincidence.”

Everything we see, in everything we’re doing, Source is ever holding a conversation with us — one most don’t perceive. Every little thing is pregnant with Source — which makes perfect Heart sense, since Source is the All In All, the One, the All That Is & All That Isn’t. Source is in Love with each & every one of us — or better said, all the Love that ever was, is, & will be — That, too, is Source, embodied therein.

The Love of Source, or rather, Love, as Source, is quite distinct from what humans call love. That is mostly attachment, along with the desire to control the one loved, & the flow, the experiences of the relationship — which is nothing like the way Source rolls. Source knows nothing of attachment, since the basis of that is the feeling of lack — something not present within Source. (It also presumes the non-existent two, in the One that is Source.)

This very journal is pregnant with Source Loving you. Do you sense it, feel it? It’s best not to think of it as just a human writing, here — that’s the mind’s perspective, after all. Go deeper, friends, much deeper. Come into That, which is fully Present & available, right there, where You are.

In L’akesh


Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote — 8/24/2017

“You can never have a happy ending at the end of an unhappy journey; it just doesn’t work out that way. The way you’re feeling, along the way, is the way you’re continuing to pre-pave your journey, and it’s the way it’s going to continue to turn out until you do something about the way you are feeling.”

Excerpted from West Los Angeles, CA on 8/6/05

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

12:19 am, Sunday 2017/09/03, 1st, Mayan day 5 Earth / Caban

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness