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“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

……...…Do you respect yourself? If so, how deeply? Let’s have a look…………

we’re vibrational beings — & we are — then how much sense does it make to be continually watching things, reading things that bring us down — that lower our vibration? Perhaps it’s because it’s not part of our culture, our upbringing to deeply respect ourselves. We’re taught to respect, or at least to give deference to others — to parents, to teachers, to persons in positions of authority — but somehow we got left out, there. Very strange.

Nor was a word ever whispered to us about the great power resident in simple thought — how thought actually creates our reality. OMG, we’re on to something here — the simplest way to bust out of The Matrix reality daze in which everyone seems to be trapped. Could it be so simple?



We have meters & monitors for seemingly everything, from blood pressure to temperature, to heart rate… the list goes on. Though these are important, they have their uses — yet the central, defining aspect of our 3D presence — could that be our frequency? And where is the meter for that? Strange omission, don’t you think?

We have charts galore, measuring frequencies for so many things, from electricity & utilities to color & sound, to endless health monitors, including brainwaves…. Ah, we can see how we’re defined by the brain — how this is considered more central to who we are than our overall vibratory rate — the energy of our field, if you will. Little wonder the majority of us actually identify with the brain, the mind — with thought.

Wikimedia Commons

Yet ask a scientist to show you a thought — to define thought — doesn’t happen, does it? We can measure many things without being able to truly define what they arewhy they are — such as temperature. Just because we can measure something — establish its normal range — doesn’t mean we know what it is, or why & how it originates, why it behaves as it does. We’re fairly primitive in more of our knowledge than most scientists are willing to admit.


What if the brain is just one part of a larger system — the nervous system, let’s say? And what if the whole lot serves more as a sending/receiving station than the locus, the origin of our consciousness? Let’s take hair, for instance. Science will tell you the only living part of it is in the scalp — that what grows beyond that is dead. Hmm.

Do you know about the Native American trackers who joined the military, back in the day? Did you know that, with the mandatory crew cut, their tracking abilities went into the trash, along with their long locks? Well, it did. After repeated experiments, the final outcome was to give them haircut waivers. Seems that their hair was very much a part of their ability to track — somewhat like an antenna, wouldn’t you say?

Well, what needs an antenna? A sending-receiving station, perhaps? What if we’ve got it all wrong about such basic things, friends? Are you open to explore? I get a kick out of such discoveries. I gave up wondering, long ago, why science doesn’t pursue such avenues — but that’s not stopping us.

So, if the brain & the nervous system is perhaps a sophisticated sending/receiving station — the antenna being the hair — then what needs that? What uses that? Could it be the Being who uses the body for a 3D experience? The soul? Ah, no wonder science won’t go near such research. Just ask them to define the soul, LOL — & watch them laugh you out of the room, or simply ignore you as ignorant, primitive.


Just because science is lost, again, doesn’t stop us from inquiring into such things. Their materialistic bent has taken them rather off course, studying the car, the vehicle, while quite ignoring the driver — trying to figure out why the car does what it does, when it does — with absolutely no regard for the driver. Come on, ya just gotta laugh.


It doesn’t take religion to recognize the existence of the Being we are — call it soul if you like. There is beyond ample research on both hypnotic regression slipping into the domain of past lives, even the between-lives state — along with voluminous NDE documentation. Yet, because science is strictly materialistic — stuck studying the car — they just won’t go there. Let’s leave them in the dust & take a look. What might we discover?


Public Domain Pictures

Our being is vibrational, & it responds to vibration — music, for instance, can generate feelings & states clearly noticeable. Many of the instruments use strings — which vibrate — imagine that. Many are already aware of the solfeggio scale, the tuning of the old Gregorian chants, though not the one most musicians currently employ.

It’s quite interesting that music tuned this way — with the A note being 444 Hz instead of today’s 440­ — has a more beneficial effect on the listeners. Hmm. Our body, our being, responds to frequency — interesting, that. Could it be that we’re vibrational beings, ourselves? Then why do we have no way to measure our current frequency — our vibrational emanation? Quite a large oversight, seems to me.


By keeping ourselves ever in high vibration, we nurture the soul, the Being we are — we nurture ourselves into higher consciousness, as well. Once we make it a habit to remain in a higher vibrational state, it’s as if our consciousness has wings & can fly. Not only that, but we have a similar effect on those we encounter — once we learn to maintain that steady high vibration. The effect is uplifting.

Stradivari — MetMuseum.org

Just as, with two stringed instruments in the same room, if you play or pluck a note on one, the other will vibrate in sympathetic resonance — will sound the same note. Humans are like that, as well. Perhaps you’ve noted how, in some people’s presence you’re always uplifted — while in others’ you’re often brought down. You’re responding to their dominant vibration — with your own.


The trick is to first learn to raise your frequency or vibration, then to maintain it steadily — easier said than done. You may have noticed yourself avoiding the company of certain people — while seeking out certain others. We’re responsive to vibration, friends. Best to get used to the idea, for if you reject it, then that will blind you to its presence — by the creative power of thought & belief.

Thoughts have a vibration, as well. Simple, straightforward thoughts have a clear frequency. One day science will step past measuring brainwaves & get around to thoughts. Meanwhile, we can do our own observing, our own testing, to see how this works.

Set your intent to begin monitoring your thoughts, beginning to eliminate & avoid those that bring you down — that don’t feel good. Determine to have a day of only uplifting or at least neutral thoughts. It won’t happen today or tomorrow — habits take time to break, to re-frame — but it will happen if you’re sufficiently determined. Knowing it’s hugely beneficial might just help. [1]

Then, once you can string a few such days together, eventually a week — you’re gaining stability in maintaining a higher vibration. Just as we tend to avoid those whose conversation is always negative, we can do the same with what we read, what we watch on the media. This is one way to nurture self-respect.


I think most would agree that our state of consciousness is important — even central to a satisfying life — yet we tend to leave it to chance, to who & what we encounter as we move about, as we watch the news or use the Internet. We seldom take a care for our own state of awareness — yet if we’re not respecting that, then who will? Who is supposed to do this for us? Crazy question, huh?

Let’s not waste any time, any thought about why it was that we were never taught about any of this — why it wasn’t considered important enough to be in the Elementary School curriculum. The fact is that it doesn’t matter — that’s just the way it happened, the way it is — so let’s just let it be what it is, & move on from there. Otherwise, such inquiry will just bring us down into the lower frequencies, which is self-defeating. Do you see?

This is so very basic, but we’ve got to learn some serious self-respect. So what if we weren’t taught this most basic skill? We’re more than able to teach ourselves, & a positive attitude is where we begin. We hear all sorts of people — such as myself — talking about becoming the observer of mind. This is (some of) what comes of that, some of the benefit to be derived from the practice.

In the West, especially, we have perhaps the most undisciplined minds, left to their own devices most of the time. Who is it who disciplines their thought processes? Heck, who even notices them, most of the time? LOL. It’s become a real craps-shoot for the majority, though much less so for those waking-up.


Not that I would recommend setting out to discipline your thought at the beginning. Too much of a challenge, at first. The better starting task is to simply begin observing your mind —gently — just watch. Take notes, if you like, jotting down what you discover about your personal thought patterns. What situations or people set you off into a stream of negative thoughts? What situations have the opposite effect?

You’ll be getting to know yourself on a much more intimate level as you embark on this trek — another side benefit. You’ll have to be brave & daring, willing to see it like it is — not trying to paper over the negative elements as they crop up — or you’re just fooling yourself, wasting your time. So take courage in hand on this trek. Decide it will be fun, & it will be! Take charge of your attitude from the first — a very good start.

You might even enjoy keeping a thought journal — you could call it a Witness Journal or an Observer Journal. Remember — & this is the tough part — until you’ve gotten rather good at simply observing your thought patterns, don’t try to influence them, to change them. Just observe. It really takes a while to get used to being the witness, rather than the thinker of those thoughts.

This is actually a magnificent journey, friends. You’ll benefit in ways you never would have expected, never could have imagined at the start. Have the same fascination for getting to know your thoughts as you would for someone with whom you just fell in love. Are you important enough to you to look at it that way? Do you love yourself — or perhaps at least your Self?



It may be more than helpful to see yourSelf as Source-in-form — as a ray of the divine Light walking about — for you are. This is one way to begin to discover that. So the potential gains are simply vast. Not only is this the Matrix exit door, but it’s the potential entry door into Higher Self.

Shivkrupanand Swami — Wikimedia Commons

In order to best facilitate both, it would be well to begin reminding yourself to center within — to enter Heart as often as possible. At the start, it won’t be that often. Why not? We’re not that self-aware. We begin this trek as the thinker, rather than the observer of the thinker. It’s a process, taking various lengths of time for each one to establish the witness perspective.

Finally, one last reminder — please don’t set out to change yourself, to instill only positive thoughts. While we’re in thinker mode, that just doesn’t work well. It’s like the surgeon trying to operate on herself —not at all wise. You can’t know that from the start — it requires taking the walk — but at least your thinker knows about it, which is good.


No thinker ever knows a thing in itself — thought is only & ever about the subject of thought. This only shifts as we first become thought’s observer, then find our way deeper within — into Heart. It is in Heart where the things are known directly. Remember, the map is not the territory. Thought is the map, In Heart we access the territory. Best not to attempt graduate school before finishing high school & college, yes?

Respect yourself — respect your trek. Take yourself/yourSelf seriously. The danger is that you’ll give this job to the thinker — who has no earthly ability to accomplish the task. It’s just not possible to that one, so you’ll do yourself no favors by being in a hurry with this — thinking you already know. That would be the thinker, still at the wheel — not Higher Self ;-)


[1] You’re in thought-mode, here, as you first determine to allow more positive, less negative thoughts. You’re not in Observer Mode, yet. This is an illustrative trial run. Be sure to have fun with it!

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness